Up to 5000+ Free Website Traffic Guaranteed ( Adsense safe)

Are you a blogger and want to have more traffic to your website? Do you need more traffic to your business website? or boost your website traffic further?

I’m talking about real human visitors and not bot traffics. Interested? read further.

I was looking for a free traffic generation for my website and I came across this website offering a free trial version of a targeted traffic to any blogs that will pass their terms and conditions.

How does maxvisit work?

They have a large collection of websites with different niches to advertise your selected domain which matches your focus niche thus attracting visitors to also visit your landing page that you want to be advertised.

5 Easy Steps on How to get free traffic from Maxvisits

Step 1: Go to their website Maxvisits.com

Step 2: On the bottom part of the website, you can click the option FREE trial and you can fill in your details

Step 3: Go to your website/blog and write a short topic about getting free traffic safely with the help maxvisits.com and publish it.

Step 4: Copy the URL and send it to maxvisits.com

Step 5: Wait for their approval, usually 72 hrs.

Once approved, they will provide you with free traffic for 30 days. If you will like their service, or you notice a boost to your sales, you can always subscribe to their website. Here are the rates.

Up to 5000+ Free Website Traffic Guaranteed ( Adsense safe)

You can monitor the traffic 24/7 on the dashboard link that they will provide.

Up to 5000+ Free Website Traffic Guaranteed ( Adsense safe)

If you are struggling to get targeted traffic for your website. Their prices are low compared to other advertising platforms. Here’s a sample of their USA generated traffic. For 10,000 website visits, it will only cost you $11.98 USD.

My personal verdict

As a blogger, I came across different ways to advertise my blogs and website like doing Facebook ads, google adwords and a lot more in the market. Maxvisits would always be my preferred advertiser.



Maxvisit didn’t pay any amount to advertise their website. This is my own personal experience and I want to share it with all the bloggers and website owners.

What are you waiting for? Boost your site popularity and reputation, get free traffic now!

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