Top 4 Brands of Best electric shavers

What is the best electric shaver?

Let’s have a look at the four best electric shavers brands that offer great features and reliability. These top brands of electric razors have earned the credibility over many years of research and development. Following are the best electric shavers that you may select without much investigation. However, we always advise on reading the electric shaver guide before buying one.

#1 Braun Electric Shavers

If you are looking for a foil shaver, Braun electric shavers can be trusted without any doubts. Braun is manufacturing shavers for over 5 decades. In this long journey, Braun has added lots of great features and innovations by doing thorough research. Braun has different series and models of foil shavers and the most popular ones are Series 3, Series 5 and Series 7. The Braun Series 7 790cc is the most popular Braun shaver that is packed with great features that are best for sensitive skin.

#2 Philips Electric Razors

If you are a guy with a tough beard and prefer rotary shavers, Philips shaver is the best choice. Philips shavers have been around for quite long. Philips started manufacturing electric razors in 1939. However, Philips shavers gained popularity in 1951 after they introduced the dual head shavers. Philips has made many successful models like Series 6000, Series 7000 and Philips Sensotouch. The latest series of Philips 9000 is by far the best rotary shaver that Philps has manufactured with tons of great features that allow you to get the closer and excellent shaving experience.

 #3 Panasonic Electric Razors

Another good option for the users of foil shaver is Panasonic. Panasonic is also manufacturing good electric shavers for quite a long time. The models that are most liked by the users are Arc3, Arc4, and Arc5. These models are packed with some really innovative features like nano Blades that help in getting closer and comfortable shave, it has a powerful linear motor. Arc 5 comes with a self-cleaning system that cleans and charge the shaver saving you much of your precious time.

#4 Remington Electric Razors

If you need a good performance at an affordable price, Remington is the brand that you need to go for. Remington is in the business of personal care products since 1937. Remington deals in both rotary and foil type shavers. If you have a sensitive skin, you may choose Remington FR-730 which is good for the light beard. If you like the rotary shaver, you must go for the Remington Hyper Series which is made for heavy beard type.

Final Thoughts

The top four brands that we have discussed in this article are the best. However, it is always recommended to read the review of the electric shaver that you like to purchase. The reason is that every skin and beard type is different and you must always want to purchase a shaver that gives you the best performance and closer shaving experience without much cuts and irritation.

There are also many high-end shavers that come with too many extra features that you may not require and you may get the same level of shaving experience just by selecting a lower model of the same brand with fewer features.