10 Best Hollywood Sci-Fi Movies Ever!

Science fiction movies created a huge place in the Hollywood film industry for itself. This movie genre uses the fictional sciences based facts in the movies that make the movie interesting and suspensive. Millions of People like the sci-fi movie genre and these movies always do a great business in the industry. On the other hand, science fiction movies inspire the youth to explore the new worlds of science. So, whether you open 123movies to watch sci-fi movies online or go to the cinema, you always have an inspiration in such movies. Here is the list of some best Hollywood Sci-fi movies.

10. Sunshine

‘Sunshine’ is one of the most interesting and suspensive sci-fi movies of the Hollywood. The movie is about the future of the Earth when the sun is about to end and also the end of the humanity. A team of eight men and women into space with a device to revive the star. Because of an accident and a grave mistake, the mission and the spaceship are thrown into a tailspin.

9. War of the World

‘War of the World’ is another sci-fi movie whose main role is played by Tom Cruise whose character is Dockworker Ray Ferrier. Ferrier tries to build good relations with his two children when his ex-wife drops them at Ferrier’s home. Suddenly, an electromagnetic lightning strikes the area and an attack by the aliens, the Ferrier has to protect his children as they seek shelter.

8. Jurassic World

‘Jurassic World’ is a sci-fi movie about Hollywood that is about animals and a Jurassic World resort that is full of genetically engineered dinosaurs. When these creatures escape and it causes other dinosaurs to run uncontrollably. A former military man and an animal expert have to use their special skills to control the situation and protect the two children and other tourists.

7. Predator

‘Predator’ is one of the most suspensive and thrilling sci-fi movies whose main role is Dutch which Arnold plays. Dutch is a soldier of fortune, which is hired by the US government to rescue the politicians’ group trapped in the Guatemala City. When a team of Dutch, a weapons expert and a CIA agent visits the place, they find the dead bodies discover the brutal creatures with supernatural powers and they have the ability to disappear in the surrounding.

6. Edge of Tomorrow

‘Edge of Tomorrow’ is a most suspensive Hollywood sci-fi movie and the main role of the movie is Maj. William Cage that is done by Tom Cruise. The movie is about the fight between aliens and the human beings. Any army of Earth cannot defeat the Aliens and Major. William Cage is sent to this suicide mission but when he dies, he moves back to the same and moves into the time loop over and over again until he defeats the enemies with training and practice in those time loops.

5. The Terminator

The Terminator’ is a thrilling Hollywood sci-fi movie that is about a cyborg assassin sent back in time to kill Sarah Connor. The name of that cyborg assassin is Terminator and Skynet sends him because Skynet knows that her unborn child will be the cause of their defeat in the future. But Kyle Reese is also sent back in time to save her.

4. RoboCop

‘RoboCop’ is another most thrilling and interesting sci-fi movie that is about a detective who faces bomb blasts while opening his car’s door. A doctor of a company creates a robot for him so, that he would have a robotic body with sharp skills and has all the information regarding criminals and crimes in the city. He fights against the crimes in the city.

3. The Avengers: Age of Ultron

‘The Avengers: Age of Ultron’ is the movie about the program that is being done by Tony Stark. He works on a program and suddenly things go wrong and the Earth’s mightiest heroes have to face the Ultron to save the Earth from destruction and damage. The team of Avengers work together to do this most dangerous mission for the protection of Earth.

2. The Martian

‘The Martian’ is the movie about the team of NASA that has sent to the planet, Mars. Due to the storm in the Mars planet, all the team leaves the planet and their partner Mark Watney presuming him dead. The team of NASA works tirelessly to find him while his teammates hatch their own plan for this rescue mission.

1. Iron Man 2

‘Iron Man 2’ is one of the most suspensive and thrilling movies whose main role is Iron Man, Tony Stark. In this movie, the world becomes aware of the identity of Iron Man and he is Tony Stark. Tony Stark faces pressure to share his secrets in his invention of this suit. He feels fear because information will fall into wrong hands. Tony Stark has to face a new powerful enemy in this movie.

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