3 Tips to Promote Your Store through Instagram

If you want to improve your store’s online presence quickly without depending on SEO alone, then Instagram is your best bet. The photo-sharing site helps you reach out to your customers, pique their interest, improve engagement, and familiarize them with your product or service offerings. Many businesses are now embracing Instagram. Then, what are you waiting for? Join the bandwagon to improve your store’s sales through this photo-sharing site. It is one of the simplest social networking sites to maintain. Promoting your store on Instagram is not rocket science. Yes, you can do it. To make your job a tad easier, here are three tips to help you achieve your marketing goals:

  1. Focus on Image Consistency

Customers love consistency. Therefore, you must leverage the power of Instagram photos because consistency means trust. When consumers start relying on your brand, they will buy your products or opt for your services. Look for visuals that work for other businesses. Design consistent images and post them on Instagram. Choose a color scheme that matches with your brand. Research on a few competitors and shortlist the best ones. For instance, if you sell chocolates, look for similar brands that are doing well on Instagram. Study their branding strategy. Get inspired and develop your branding strategies to connect with your audience. Post images of chocolates that look mouth-watering, creamy, and delicious. Once you know about the stores selling similar products as you, you will get an idea of what is working for those brands. Build your strategies accordingly to drive more Instagram engagement or take help from services such as Like4Like.

  1. Pick Filters Carefully

To gain like for your product photos, use filters or image-editing tools to improve the look and feel of your visuals. Apply extra contrast, saturation, or a filter to take your brand photos to the next level. Take some time out to study the filters and editing tools on Instagram to create high-quality pictures for improved engagement. To enhance your photo-editing skills further, you can use a few camera apps to gain more control over your product images. You can drive more traffic and engagement through stellar visual content. Use high-quality photos using color overlays, videos, and filters. Ensure that your brand images are crisp, bright, and neat with a clear focus. All of this is only possible when you learn to use the filters wisely.

  1. Use Behind-the-scenes Images

If you are promoting your store, share pictures of the trade show you have attended recently. You can also post photos of an in-store party or an interview at your grand showroom. These behind-the-scenes visualswill help you to connect with your audience, suppliers, and prospective customers. Request people for their Instagram details so that you can tag them in your images. Display your store’s culture or show how your counter sales agents work. These pictures will help you to promote your store in a better, smarter way.


Your store’s pictures on Instagram will drive engagement provided you know how to use the visuals. Follow these simple tips to improve your store promotion efforts, attract customers, and persuade them to buy your merchandise.

Author Bio: Karen is a Business Tech Analyst. She is very responsible towards her job. She loves to share her knowledge and experience with her friends and colleagues.

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