7 Cool Engagement Gift Ideas for Your Fiancé

Top engagement gift ideas for your fiancé

Getting engaged with your beloved is one of the best feelings. Engagement is one step short of the wedding. In such a light, you would be careful about the likes and dislikes of your fiancé and want to choose a gift for the event, which will make him/her the happiest. But selecting a present could be sometimes difficult with so many responsibilities and tasks already on your shoulder, as the big-day is approaching.

So, release your worries, we are here to help you with a guide to gift ideas for your fiancé.


  • A Personal Note


Start with your feelings. Nothing is more pleasing than telling your fiancé how you feel about being together. Words of affirmation can do the trick. A simple “I Love you” note with a thoughtful poem or words of thank you, written or spoken, can make a difference. You can record a video of yourself that retells all about favourite moments spent together. Play this video to your fiance on the day of the engagement.


  • Bouquet of Bright Blooms


Floral arrangements can convey your deepest thoughts. So, why not plan a surprise for your fiancé with vibrant and fragrant blossoms. You can arrange for flowers delivery online and escape the trouble of visiting a local florist. Just after you get time to converse with him/her after the party, present the bouquet and steal some special time together.


  • Favourite Snacks and Beverages


It is said to impress someone, you should start from what they like to eat and cook them something nice. You can follow this principle, and probably buy out a crate of favourite beverages and eatables to make your fiancé brimming with joy. Turn on a movie that both enjoy and binge on.


  • A Surprise Getaway


Though you may still have time to go for a honeymoon, you can overwhelm your dear one with a surprise getaway to a destination you both want to visit. It can be a mini-vacation to cool off the stress of the big-day, after all everyone has some amount of nervousness mingled with excitement on and after the engagement. Go to your farmhouse or a luxurious resort and spend good time.


  • Hint of Passionate Moments


It is never too late to rekindle passion in a relationship. One of the ways of doing is to gift suggestive items or presents that can trigger romantic notions in your partner’s mind. Some of the examples are: travel wallet, hinting of going off to a destination; send flowers online with a pass to a concert, which could act as an invite to the event; a new piece of nightwear, which may provoke tender interest in you.


  • Act Out Your Vows


If you know your fiancé for a long time, definitely both will have some particular wishes and vows in mind. Why wait till marriage to make all of these come true? Start early, just after making your relationship official with engagement. For instance, if your finance has liking for social work, then visit with him/her to old-age home or orphanage and donate for a cause. If the fiancé is interested in sports, then take out time to watch a live-game together, and initiate to purchase the tickets to the event.


  • Go Shopping


Take your sweetheart along with you and shop for accessories he/she likes. Choose a random day and do not tell them about your plans yet. And then probably visit shopping malls and splurge on whatever they want. Get him/her new additions for grooming, wardrobe, workplace necessities etc. After all, before wedding, one does need to taste what a real freedom is like, if you know what we mean.

Follow the above-given engagement gift ideas for fiancé and make the most of the togetherness.

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