7 Equipment Every Kitchen Should Have

Cooking is one activity to be enjoyed. It is very important to enjoy it because this will give you room to experiment with different types of food.

To actually really, enjoy cooking, you will need the right kitchen equipment to start with.

The challenge is that when setting up a new kitchen, you can get overwhelmed by what you need to buy and then buy things you don’t necessarily need or have a kitchen filled with stuff you don’t really use.

If you have any of these challenges, you don’t have to worry because in this post, we will be talking about 7 kitchen equipment every kitchen should have and why you need them.

7 Kitchen Equipment And Why You Need Them

#1 Oven Range

Sometimes we underestimate the need for an oven range because we feel there is no space in the kitchen. Also, if you don’t bake cakes often, you may think that there is no need for an oven range.

That shouldn’t be the case because when it comes to an oven, it doesn’t only involve baking pastries or cake, a chicken could be baked, or even grilled into finesse.

Some come with a double oven which is highly recommended for a family kitchen because when there are visitors, the oven is capable of heating up two different dishes in two different compartments at different temperatures, making cooking so convenient and stress-free. Oven ranges come with a high British Thermal Unit (BTU) for heating food quickly especially the 5 burners and the bigger one in the middle having the highest BTU for accommodating bigger pots.

#2 Microwave

Our instant warmer also called the microwave is very important in a home because it helps to warm small portions of food without the need of a cooking range.

The microwave also has other features apart from just warming food, it can be used to defrost frozen food, cook rice, fish, and vegetables. If you doubt me, try looking at the features your microwave has on the buttons or read the manual the microwave came with and you will be surprised by the features that the microwave has.

#3 Convection toaster oven

Would you believe that a convection toaster oven not only toasts bread but is also capable of baking cookies and brownies? Also, this convection toaster oven is capable of making rotisserie chicken with the skewer it comes with. There is another unique feature that new convection toasters come with, it is that it can air fry chicken without the need of oil which makes the chicken oil free and healthy.

#4 Blender

Having a good blender can save you trips to the market to blend tomatoes. Nowadays, people also make smoothies for breakfast which encourages a healthy lifestyle. Blenders now come with a food processor which is able to process food ingredients without water or any form of liquid. This convenience is very important in a kitchen because it quickens the cooking process.

#5 Range hood

I’m sure you must be wondering why a range hood is one of our kitchen essentials. A range hood helps to eliminate smoke and odors when cooking which prevents your kitchen from being unbreathable. A range hood provides a lovely experience when cooking, asides from removing smells and odors, it also comes with LED lights to light up your cooking area. You can check reviews of the best wall mount range hoods here.

#6 Sharp Knives

Cutting or chopping with a blunt knife or a knife that isn’t right for what you are cutting can be frustrating. Buying a complete set of knives is important because cutting or chopping will be done with ease.

#7 Cooking Pots

Cooking pots are also very important because some pots could make food stick to the bottom or make food burn so easily. This can ruin your cooking experience. Most pots now come in a set of 4, some even come with a frying pan, the best to go for are non-stick pots so the food doesn’t burn easily or stick to the bottom of the pot.


Now we have come to an end of our top 7 kitchen must-haves. If you have used any of the mentioned kitchen equipment above you can share with us your experience in the comment section below.

Author Profile: Kristine Bakare is a passionate food blogger who enjoys sharing her kitchen and cooking tips. She also owns a 93 Treats- a growing food blog.

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