Adventure Resorts near Mumbai

What Fun Activities Can You Explore At An Adventure Camp?

Looking to have an adventurous weekend?

Well, without looking further, visit one of the adventure resorts near Mumbai and explore everything the place has to offer. These resorts are ideal while visiting with family, friends or colleagues. An unlimited number of thrilling options will keep everyone busy from morning till night. To get a better idea, go through few of the activities mentioned here.

Various sports and activities one can opt for

When planning to spend a weekend at an adventure resort, one can opt for a number of activities like:

  • Rappelling –

Rope down or rappelling is performed over a rock which allows one to enjoy accomplishment and help in realizing that everything can be defeated. Location’s remoteness and natural surrounding enhance the excitement. Camp’s instructors provide necessary information and rappelling items such as helmets, gloves, harnesses, etc. After a proper demonstration, people can try it for a thrilling experience.

  • Zip Line –

People refer to this as Flying Fox too where one needs to return to ground from a high altitude. In a camp, this set up is built across two logs or trees. With the help of a ladder, one would require to climb up a height of at least 25 feet and slide down on ropes inclined at 30 degrees.

  • Water Rafting –

If you are a thrill seeker then, no option can be better than water rafting. Slamming through the waves and reaching the final distance is as exciting as an activity gets. Adventure resorts arrange this activity on Kundalika River. A team would require going over a minimum distance of over 12 km which is a 4 to 5 hour long activity.

  • Burma Bridge –

If people are looking to try something new then this is the perfect activity to start with. It is organised on land with river or water channels. One needs to cross this channel by walking on an improvised bridge made of ropes. However, in an adventure camp, this is set over a pond with an artificial anchoring structure. After putting on a harness, all one needs to do is take a walk of 15-20 metres on a rope.

  • Raft Building –

Building a raft with colleagues or family members is fun, but it’s a strenuous and lengthy process. Some materials are provided by the people in-charge with which a team has to build a raft and row from one point to another.

  • Rock Climbing –

Another quite a common thrilling sport is rock climbing. It is mentally and physically a strenuous activity that tests one’s endurance, agility as well as strength.

  • Trekking –

Ideal activity for people wanting to explore new locations! Such camps take people on a long journey through nature. Two options are generally provided; one is going up a hill, and another is walking on level ground along a lakeside.

Well, these are some of the activities which one can experience at an adventure resort. So, why wait when you can have the best weekend gateway at such an amazing location.

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