Brilliant Tools That Could Be Used to Embed Instagram Feed Effectively into Your Web Design

With over 800 million monthly active users, Instagram, which is predominantly a photo-sharing mobile application, seems to have come as a breath of fresh air for businesses, brands, and social media addicts. Instagram is the most popular social media platform and obtains user-generated branded content from a broad spectrum of users across the globe in the form of hashtag content on Instagram.

Instagram enthusiasts are extremely fond of this robust social media platform for all its effective filters, smart crop feature where a photo could be clicked instantly, edited, and shared with all social media followers according to their taste and unique needs, and the smart editing tools etc. All of us are crazy about photos and remember that Instagram photos are surely a fantastic way of interacting and communicating successfully with your fans and all your followers. Let us explore some of the best tools to integrate Instagram seamlessly into your website. You could consider boosting your followers for Instagram by seeking professional assistance.


Taggbox is supposed to be an interesting aggregator tool for social media that allows individuals and brands to come up with a social wall meant for their conferences, events, product launches, weddings, music concerts etc. This highly-effective and responsive tool is great for easily setting up, moderating, and customizing your Instagram content on your website. Taggbox boasts an amazing moderation panel and you are able to effectively filter feeds and also, eliminate poor content in real-time.

It has effective widgets and plugins to embed the Instagram feed seamlessly into your website. With a broad spectrum of plugins like Twitter, WordPress, Instagram, and Facebook, you could utilize the Instagram plugin for demonstrating Instagram pictures on your website. With an amazing variety of fully-customizable themes, Taggbox also presents the Instagram API to successfully integrate photo feeds into a blog or website.

4K Stogram

This is a really effective embedding tool for power users. As a new user, you might be fiddling around with the settings to end up with undesirable situations like a private profile or some deleted pictures that really affect the way you want your widget to look and feel. The best part about 4K Stogram is that it overrides these issues and displays all pictures. You could also use it as a collage in your header with your favorite pictures without any account information or comments and the like included. It is a very diverse and useful plugin once you get to use it properly.


This is a suite of excellent widgets, each with a unique function that is extremely useful. You can filter by username, add location maps, new photos, slideshows, scrolling headers and so much more. Snapwidget is a super choice for anyone looking for nuanced, interactive, and stylish ways to display content.


Instush is supposed to be quite a handy tool that has a number of features to offer to an active user on Instagram. You could develop wallpapers using Insta pictures for your screen, Facebook, and Twitter. You may choose from one of the amazing 14 kinds of gallery designs on Instagram that you could use strategically on your website.


With the ever-growing number of Instagram users and its ever-increasing popularity by the day, individual businesses and brands must not eliminate the chances of letting the customers and followers actively interact, as well as, engage with the feed. You could use all these Instagram tools for embedding Instagram feed seamlessly into your web design.

Author Bio: Daniel Mattei is currently attached to an SMM firm in Los Angeles and he runs his own blog. He tells everyone the truth about the effective ways of making the maximum use of different social media platforms and using them effectively to boost followers for Instagram.

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