Digital Signage and WordPress- Enhancing Digital Communication

Digital signage is also known as narrowcasting, captive audience networks, place based media, digital merchandising and screen media. It involves using LCD, LED and projection for the purpose of displaying streaming media, social media posts, digital images, video and other information.

Information constitutes exhibitions, marketing, outdoor marketing and giving directions. You are likely to find this type of signage in stadiums, museums, transport systems, retail stores, hotels, restaurants and corporate buildings. Digital signage continues to gain popularity and the industry is expected to grow tremendously over the next few years.

Digital Signage Advantages

Digital signs offer numerous advantages.

Direct Interaction

Smart screen device interaction uses technology that enables users to interact directly with digital sign screens through their smartphones. People can do things like participate in polls, share content from social networks and play games.

Real-Time Processing

Digital signage leverages on technologies such as software programs, network connectivity, sensors and cameras. This makes it possible to monitor the environment and process information in real time. Cameras on digital signage can access the demographic data of shoppers by estimating socioeconomic, age, gender and other information that is used to retrieve shopper profiles.

New Technology

Digital signs leverage on new and innovative technology such as holographic displays, water screens and 3D screens. This creates more excitement among audiences and yields a greater return on investment.

Customer Retention

The information that can be shared such as news, traffic, traveling information, weather and fire exits is valued by customers and increases the likelihood of them returning to your premises.

Better Customer Support

Digital signs enable you to provide information about products, which include recipes, suggested applications, raw materials, ingredients and other pertinent information. This will lead to fewer questions for your customer support and care team.

Influencing Customer Behavior

Digital signs increase the amount of time spent in stores and have an influence on consumer behavior with direction to different parts of the area.

Enhancing Customer Experience

Digital signage has a positive effect on customer experience by reducing perceived waiting time in restaurants, bank queues and other places. Digital signage enhances visual appeal and creates an attractive storefront.


Content form websites can be used on digital signs, which helps to increase exposure for messages in a time-efficient manner. Digital signage enables businesses to compete effectively with larger organizations by being creative and strategically locating the signs.

Versatility and immediacy

Digital signs can be used to pass on information to different types of people, from readers to listeners and children to senior citizens. Digital signage for schools and colleges offers immediacy unlike traditional media. Uploading timely content means that it will be more relevant to the audience.


Digital signs give you total control over the displays. You can display continually even when the business is closed and customers will be constantly aware of your presence.


WordPress has evolved from the blogger workshop that it was regarded as in the past. It currently powers millions of sites and serves as a stable platform that is surrounded by a large ecosystem for hosting, theme development and functionality plugins. WordPress can be used as a platform for digital signage. Promoting digital sign templates by using WordPress can be beneficial in many ways.

User Friendly

  • WordPress is considered to be an essential platform for digital signs since many people are aware of it as well as how to use it.
  • For businesses and companies that are in the process of becoming acquainted with digital signage, buying or renting unknown digital signage software can make things more complicated.
  • WordPress has existed for a substantial period of time and a lot of information from online communities provides insight into how to use it. This means virtually anyone can learn about it within a short time.


Affordability and Security

WordPress is also associated with the benefit of being cost-effective. Commercial software programs for digital signage are often costly and WordPress is ideal for anyone who is on a tight budget. Security updates are released regularly by the WordPress team. This is crucial for addressing security issues.


WordPress can be customized and this allows you to give your visitors a unique experience. The high scalability of WordPress facilitates several pages or blog posts on the site without diminishing the site’s performance.

Blogging Capabilities

The blogging capabilities of WordPress enable organizations to take advantage of blogging as an effective link building, brand or product marketing and website promotion strategy.


WordPress is browser-based and enables people to log in from wherever they are as long as their devices are connected to the internet. Multiple users at varying access levels and abilities can manage the site. Along with digital sign plugins, the platform allows functionalities to be extended with other plugins like event calendar, video gallery and Twitter feeds.


Digital signage provides a worthwhile form of marketing media that is efficient and effective. It allows companies and institutions to maximize on the ability to share and dispense information. While embracing the potential of digital signage, combining it with other proven marketing methods such as social media guarantees a better overall experience for people and their target audiences.


Karen Anthony is a digital marketing enthusiast who works with various professionals and business owners within the industry. She is excited about the ongoing growth of the industry and playing an active role in its advancement. Learn more about Digital signage for schools and colleges offers immediacy.  


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