Instagram is the backbone of your Fashion Website

Having an account is not an option but a necessity today!

If you are the owner of an online fashion business, it is highly essential that you promote yourself on Instagram. Instagram presently has more than 800 million users monthly, and today, the social network has become the favorite choice of businessmen who want to promote themselves and expand their businesses quickly using the minimum possible investments. According to the recent statistical data, it hasn’t found that Instagram helps in increasing your reach and enable businesses to enhance their customer engagement as well as the number of sales per year. Instagram is one such platform where individuals can put up their pictures. This is the topmost reason why more and more individuals are getting activated on Instagram for business promotion.

Why has Instagram become so popular?

With the help of the Instagram platform, users can edit their pictures as well as enhance the appearance of a number of visual effects. Editing pictures for Instagram posting make them somewhat special, accompanied by a creative touch that Instagrammers usually apply in order to bag more likes along with better engagement. Use of Instagram for promotion is widely preferred today by fashion and beauty industry. As per the studies, it has been found that using Instagram in this kind of industry has helped a lot with business promotion and brand engagement. Hashtag engagement and photo contest are the popular ways that are presently preferred by eminent brands via Instagram.

Instagram has become a serious platform for businesses

Instagram can be known as a visual platform which enables fashion brands to display their beautiful products and services as well as serves the role of a complete visual marketing platform. There are around 800 million active users; you will get your target group of audience easily as well as promote your products to them in a much easier way. Quality leads can be generated through Instagram, which is highly essential for getting the maximum conversion.

Why big brands prefer Instagram for enhancing their traffic?

The main concept behind this is to encourage the Instagrammers to click more pictures of the recently purchased products and post the same on their Instagram accounts with the help of the recent hashtags that are generated by the brand. This can be categorized as a brilliant strategy for consumers who actually love a brand and would obviously love to feature themselves along with the product they purchase on the company’s website. When the customers use a hashtag, it also enables the company’s follower to get exposed to the products and services. Thus, provides an opportunity to the organization to approach their consumers for taking permission of using their photos that match with the image of the brand as well as convey the company’s message.


Photo contests are usually held by companies, and they are based on various themes that are decided upon by the company’s management for promotional purpose. A set of rules are framed, which need to be adhered to by the contestants. Usually, it has been found that the response to such kind of contests and challenges is excellent. The major objective of these contests is to get various user developed contents that are useful for company’s promotional factors. Those pictures that pair well with the image of the brand as well as simply conveys the message of the company are selected.


The company uses the featured pictures in multiple ways after considering the various legal implications as well as taking the photographer’s permission. These pictures can be used for marketing purpose. It can be used in email marketing, landing pages, newsletter, thank you notes and website sections. In case the photographer prefers the brand, then he may even share the featured photos across several social media platforms as well as offline among relatives and friends. With every share and mention, you can expect an increment in your brand engagement. Plus, it will also enable you to get in touch with new Instagrammers easily.

Studies have shown that customers prefer to rely on user created contents as compared to those created by brands. This might enhance the sales and revenue generation. Hence, user-created contents are of great importance if you wish to raise the traffic flow to your web page.

How can Instagram be effectively used?

When you are promoting your company on Instagram, you will definitely not wish to lose yourself in the middle of billions of Instagram profiles. The very first thing you need to do is to create a username as well as a bio, which represent your brand as well as the services you provide. This will enable you to appear in the profile searches on Instagram automatically. It is essential to develop an appealing bio along with your profile picture which is extremely eye-catching and engaging. You need to understand your target audience and ensure the image you develop matches with their preferences. Also, you should cautiously add your website URL in the bio at the footer because here you can add the Instagram active hyperlink. Finally, ensure that your Instagram profile is set to the public mode. For business promotion, you need Instagram followers because otherwise, your online marketing will be a flop for sure.

You can create great visuals with your Instagram account, and this will help in increasing the rate of engagement along with the conversion rates. You should also invest in developing high-quality videos and pictures, which will help you in attracting further user engagement, which will come as comments and likes. This kind of attention will enable you to engage with the respondents in the proper way. Plus, it can help you to a great extent in finding prospects that you can successfully add to the mailing list.

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