List of Most Watched Action Movies on 123Movies

123Movies is an open source platform for the entertainment of the people. It provides the streaming of the favourite movies and TV shows that people like to watch online on 123Movies in high resolution. The viewers visit the website of 123Movies and get entertained through their favourite movie stuff without any cost. Here is the list of the most watched action movies on 123Movies platform.


Edge of Tomorrow


Edge of Tomorrow is an action movie whose main role of Major. William Cage is played by Tom Cruise. This is the movie about the fight between aliens and human beings on the Earth and no army of Earth is able to defeat the aliens. Maj. William Cage is enforced to participate in this suicide mission but when he dies, he always finds himself on the same day in a time loop. He gets training to fight against the aliens in the time loop to protect the planet from those aliens.

This action movie has the most views on 123Movies platform. It means people liked the story and the action of the movie.


Iron Man 2


Iron Man 2 is a movie of action and sci-fi genre whose main role is Tony Stark. The story of the movie is about the invention of Tony Stark. When people come to know the truth and identity of Iron Man, they want to know about the mysterious invention of Tony Stark. However, Tony does not want to disclose the secret because it can be fallen into wrong hands.

123Movies published this movie after a day of its release and it got millions of views.




RoboCop is a movie full of action with sci-fi genre. This movie revolves around the character of a detective, who loses his body in a blast and a doctor creates a robotic body for him. By using that body and its features, he can stop crime in the city and everybody likes to see him as a RoboCop. However, the boss of the doctor wants the detective to die for his personal benefits but the doctor does not agree.

This is one of the most watched movies on 123Movies with very good reviews from the public.


Avengers: Age of Ultron


Avengers is a team of the Earth’s mightiest heroes that always get together for the safety of the planet, Earth. The movies are about a program of Tony Stark that goes wrong and it becomes a great threat for the protection of Earth. Then, the team of the Avengers gather on the Earth and fight against the evil Ultron for the protection of Earth.

People always like to watch their favourite heroes fighting together for the safety of Earth. That’s why this movie got millions of views on the 123Movies.


Wonder Woman


Wonder Woman is the story of a woman named as Diana who is a princess of the Amazons and trained as a warrior who can never be defeated. She meets a pilot who tells about the war in the World and asks her to stop the threat. Diana leaves her home for the very first time and discovers her powers and destiny in the war.

The trailer of the movie got millions of views and after its release; millions of people visited 123Movies to watch the Wonder Woman fighting for the peace on the Earth.


The Hitman’s Bodyguard


The Hitman’s Bodyguard is the movie that is a full pack of action. The movie is about the protection agent of the most dangerous man who is known as a hitman. The bodyguard has to protect the hitman for his safety until his statement is recorded in the court against a criminal. They faces many difficulties like Interpol agents chasing them to kill them.

The movie got many good reviews and because people always like action, so that’s why a huge amount of people visited 123Movies to watch “The Hitman’s Bodyguard”.


Avengers: Infinity War


Avengers: infinity War is another movie full of action and new version of Avenger series. The team of Avengers and other mightiest superheroes fight against the most evil enemy of the Earth, the Thanos. The Thanos wants to collect all six infinity stones and it was a great threat for the protection of the Earth and for the team of Avengers.

This movie contains the action of all the superheroes that has been liked by the people for many years and people liked to watch this movie in HD quality on 123Movies.


The Terminator


The Terminator is the movie of a cyborg assassin sent to past to kill Sarah Conner with her unborn child. Another assassin is also sent to the past to save Sarah Connor. Skynet sends the evil assassin to kill Sarah Connor because Skynet knows that her unborn child will be the cause of their defeat in the future.

This is an old movie that is the genre of sci-fi and full of action and people got entertained by this movie a lot and provided very good reviews on 123Movies.


Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows


Ninja Turtles are the heroes of the New York City who never come out of the shadows to protect their identity. They always fights against the terror in the city and a great terrorist, Shredder. Shredder meets another evil enemy of the Earth and by lab experiments by shredder made the evil enemies of the Earth stronger. The identity of ninja turtles is disclosed to the people and they fight against the evil plan against the Earth.

This movie is full of action and suspense; people like to watch this movie many times. 123Movies got many viewers on this movie from the whole World.


Doctor Strange


Doctor Strange is another movie full of action and about a superhero of the people. This is the movie about a neurosurgeon, Dr. Strange. The Dr. Strange heals himself through spiritual healing and gets many supernatural abilities. Then, he comes to know about the evil enemy of the Earth and fights against the evil.

This movie was the full action-pack for the people and millions of viewers gave positive reviews on this movie on 123Movies.


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