Top 15 Easy Guitar Songs for Beginners – Best Guide

As a beginner player of guitar learning songs is one of the amazing and best activity. By doing different exercises you do not only learn how to practice the instrument exactly but also learn how a certain song is played. As a beginner player of a guitar in our practice, you learn about where to put your fingers on the fretboard, listen attentively to the strumming patterns and taking note of any new techniques. As you learn songs and practicing daily it will definitely help you to become a better guitarist as well as the best composer and player of the guitar. As a beginner of a guitar player, you also need some inspiration with learning songs which can only become from the right place. You must make sure while learning the chords you must practice chords on regular basis and also learn switches of chords for every new song. This will definitely help you to become an expert guitarist.

Being said you still want to improve your guitar playing skills, you can play some easy guitar songs these songs are not only easy to play but also improves your techniques to playing the guitar because the more you boost your skills, the superior you get. Normally most of the songs that you are listening are much easier then they sound. Remember this, not all the beginner songs are “easier” so, you must learn practice and write down every song, you can also make a library of different kinds of songs. So that whenever you want to practice, you can pick a song of your choice and played it.

Easy Guitar Songs for Beginners

If you are a beginner and looking to find a list of easy guitar songs then you are definitely at the right place. Here you can find a plenty of easy guitar songs according to your interest. I guarantee you will find different kinds of songs according to your desires without any sharp learning curves.  Let’s get started:


  • Folsom Prison Blues

“Folsom Prison Blues” one of the easier beginner songs by Everlast and Johnny cash’s that are first written by “Johnny Cash’s”. This song of Everlast is not only easy to play for a beginner but also fun to play. You can play and learn both of the versions of these songs either its Johnny Cash song version or Everlast song version, both are amazing. In both the versions, you will be playing the same progression of chords as well as the Key. So, in both instances, you will learn the same. However, the version by Everlast is just more fun to play.

  • Send my Love

One of the famous and widely recognized song by Adele “send my love”. This song is quietly well recognized and gains more popularity after its releases.  This song was written by Adele, Max Martin, and Shellback, they not only write this song but also handled the production of this song. The song was first release on16 May 2016. The chords of “Send my love” are just D, Bm and G so, as a beginner it’s the easiest of the song to play.

  • Song of the South

The “song of the south” is a song by American music group of Alabama. The song of south gain more popularity in the charts of the U.S and Canadian countries. The chord progressions that are used in this song are also easiest to play such as its use G, C and D. You can easily learn to play this song.

  • Doesn’t Remind Me

Doesn’t remind me is a song by the American well-liked the group of “Audioslave”. The song was first releases in July 2005. The song gets more popularity in the charts of Netherlands and UK and also nominated for the Germany awards for its best rock performance. The standard guitar tuning for this song is E, A, E, E, A, E. The song joins on E, A, and D, the key is E and chords progression is E, A and D. it’s easy to pick up the chords if you want to learn the whole song. To practice the song very well, you should choose a high-quality instrument from a trusted store such as you can also buy a guitar from muzikkon, so that you can achieve your dream to become a guitarist.  

  • Teardrop

“Teardrop” is one of the hit songs in the music world by the group of Massive Attack. The lyrics of this song is by Elizabeth Fraser one the popular singer of the Cocteau Twins band. The chord progression of this song is A, G, D, A, F, G, A and the key is A. You might be feeling a little daunt while practicing the lengthy progression. But it’s recommended to look at the chord sheet while playing this song. The main and tricky part is to hear carefully the chords changes because actually, you are dealing with four chords.

  • Born Free

“Born free” one of the well-recognized song by Kid Rock, the song was released on November 16, 2010. The chord progression used in this song is E, A and the key is E. So, because of the very simple progression of chords you can easily learn to play this song. The song can be played well on acoustic and electric guitar.

  • Pumped Up Kicks

“Pumped up kicks” song by the “Foster the People” an American band that is formed in 2009 at Los Angeles, California. The chord progression of the entire song is Dm, F, C, and G respectively. The song is quite easy for beginners if you pluck the chords along with a sheet of chords.

  • Hurts so good

The song is joined through the combination of F, A, E, and D. The progression of F chord might be a little bit tricky but the other chords are easy to learn and play for beginners.

  • Fresh Eyes

“Fresh Eyes” is a song by Andy Grammer. Andy Grammer is an American musician who presents this song from his third studio album. The Chords distribution is just EM, D, G, and C in this one.  The rhythms make this one of the fantastic songs.

  • I am the Highway

The song “I am the high way” is by an American rock supergroup that is released on October 2003. The song got more popularity and hit at number 66 on the billboard hot 100. This song is the best fit for the beginner’s learners even the vocals are tough to match but it’s just a simple as well as an acoustic friendly piece and easy guitar song for beginners. It consists of four chords such as F, C, G, and Dm.

  • What I Got

The song “What I Got” is a song by Sublim. The songs are not only gain a lot of popularity but also ranked among the 100 amazing guitar songs. The melody of this song is similar to “The Beatles”. It was the band biggest radio hit song after the death of a singer named “Bradley Nowell” due to the overdose of heroin in 1999. The progression of chords consists of two major chords which are D and G.

  • I Shall Not Be Moved

The song “I shall not be moved” is one of the traditional songs that is covered by Johnny Cash, Ricky Van Shelton, Taskiana Four and some other musicians.  This song describes the singer’s life who “shall not be moved”. The song achieves more popularity during the events related to musician right events such as protests, civil right movement or any other related events.  This song consists of basic three chords and dominates folk and country rhythms.

  • Tush

“Tush” is considered the 67th all-time best hard rock song. Tush is by an American blues-rock band. Tush is one of the biggest hits as well as the simple version of classic genres with just 3 chords such as G, C, and D. you ca practice these chords or you can also work on your quarter note plucking.

  • Sweet Child O’ Mine

“Sweet Child O’ Mine” is a song covered by an American rock band which is named as “Guns N’ Roses”. This song not only tops the Billboard Hot 100 chart but also becomes the band only number 1 US single. This song is considered the easier song for beginners because its progression consists of 4 chords. D, C and G chord is for the verse and A, C and D for the chorus.

  • Lay ‘em Down

The “Lay ‘em Down” is the first released of the album “The Outsiders” by Needtobreathe. The progression of chords for this song is C, Cadd9, G, F and the key is C. The song is first released by Christian rock in 2009 in a season of summer. As a beginner, you can play the “Lay ‘em Down” because the song is not only easiest but also sloe and give you choice to change the chords.

In conclusion, all the above-listed easy songs of the guitar are really proving to be helpful, if you keep struggling and maintain your daily time of practicing according to your schedule. Furthermore, you can also create your daily progress report about which songs you did practice. This will really very helpful for you and leads you to the journey of success.

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