Top 5 Accommodations in Boracay for Every Kind of Traveler

5 Accommodations in Boracay Philippines

There are many reasons to visit Boracay: spectacular views, tasty delicacies, exciting activities, and natural wonders to explore. But it’s not just the scenery, food, and tourist attractions that make your Boracay vacation truly satisfying — your accommodations play a big role, too. After all, it’s where you can rest and recharge yourself after a whole day of fun, so you can be ready for another day of adventures.


With that being said, here’s a quick list of some of the best hotels in Boracay that will make your stay comfortable and memorable.


#1 Astoria Boracay

Don’t let the casual ambiance fool you: Astoria Boracay is a private beachfront resort with five-star services. Located at Station 1, Astoria has access to a beautiful section of the beach that is only a very short distance away from the hotel. The surroundings are also a bit more peaceful compared to other stations. It’s indeed a perfect place to “chillax,” whether you’re travelling solo or with your friends and loved ones.

Additionally, Astoria Boracay is also just a five-minute walk away from Station 2, which is sometimes called the “Entertainment District” of Boracay with its many clubs and bars, restaurants, and souvenir shops. The famed D’Mall is also nearby.


#2 Savoy Hotel Boracay

Savoy Hotel is located in Boracay Newcoast, a 150-hectare private community, so you’re assured of a truly serene experience. Like Astoria Boracay, the beachfront is only a few minutes away from the hotel itself. If you visit during lean months, you may even find that you practically have the entire beach to yourself.


Apart from more than 500 well-appointed rooms, Savoy Hotel is also well-known for its concert pool arena where music events and parties can be held, aside from its huge swimming pool. The playful design of Savoy also incorporates bright colors — aqua, green, magenta, and purple — which can be seen in various parts of the hotel, including the reception area and the guest suites. It’s the perfect accommodation for the fun-loving beachgoer!


#3 Two Seasons Boracay

Two Seasons Boracay Resort is perhaps most famous for its luxurious amenities and top-notch services, and its in-house restaurant BarLo that serves some of the most iconic and delicious dishes in the island. Some might even say that you haven’t completely experienced Boracay until you’ve tried the famous oyster sisig.


Two Seasons Boracay is also located a bit farther back from the shore, so even if it is located on the busier stretch of White Beach, you can still experience a peaceful stay. The buzzing nightlife of Boracay is also very accessible — just a ten-minute walk away! What’s more, the hotel also offers a free shuttle service that can ferry anywhere you want to go in Stations 1 to 3.


#4 Agos Boracay Rooms + Beds

For a more affordable option that doesn’t scrimp on value, head on over to Agos Boracay Rooms + Beds on Station 2. This is a family-run guesthouse, so you can expect to feel right at home with their very friendly and accommodating staff and the charming, comfortable vibe. The overall design has a modern Asian feel to it; coupled with its strategic location between White Beach and Bulabog Beach, Agos certainly provides a unique Boracay experience.


It’s also situated a little farther from the beach, but not so far as to be considered inaccessible. Being in Station 2, Agos puts you very close to the host of entertainment options and tourist attractions but still far enough that your surroundings remain tranquil.


#5 Second Wind Bed, Bunk, and Breakfast

Second Wind Bed, Bunk, and Breakfast (also called Second Wind BBB or Second Wind Hostel) is a budget-friendly hostel located at Bulabog Road. This puts Second Wind in a perfect spot — right in the middle of White Beach and Bulabog Beach, where you can access many of Boracay’s famous attractions and activities.

The rooms are quite small, but everything is fresh, clean, and homey. Another benefit of Second Wind is that it has a Mixed Dorm Room, which can accommodate up to eight people — perfect for barkadas or a big family on a vacation. Due to its location and affordable rates, Second Wind has quickly become one of the most popular accommodations in Boracay.

It might be difficult to choose a place to stay in Boracay, what with the hundreds of choices available, but hopefully, these five establishments can help make the decision much easier for you.

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