Top 5 tips for Solo Women Travelers in India

Exploring the beautiful country of India as a solo women traveler requires one to follow a set of precautions while opting for some subtle sacrifices of small freedoms. However, these small sacrifices are actually worth the investment in this solo trip. Tracing the streets of this foreign territory might seem a bit of a daunting task but once you adhere to the tips provided below, the trip can easily turn into a memorable visit.

1-Remember to cover up:

Well, unlike any other country, India is a mix of beliefs. While some believe that it is important to cover up from tip to toe to reflect respect for the religion, some believe in freedom to wear whatever you want. However, follow the former and dress decently. Better yet, you can opt to wear their traditional clothes that help you merge perfectly in the crowd.

2-Get ready for the spicy road ahead:

When in India, you can always find food of your choice in expensive restaurants that cater taste that you desire. However, spending tons of money over food can be an impractical decision which is why you should get ready to invest in roadside Indian cuisines or local delicacies while saving a lot for the rest of your trip. In cases where you face issues such as acidity, you can opt for Rabium DSR capsule to help you bring down the side effects of spicy eating habits.

3-Eat lots of fruit:

If you cannot handle loads of spice in your daily routine, you can easily opt to eat the tasty fruits available anywhere at feasible rates. Traveling miles and miles might require you to have higher degree of protein in the body. You can opt to have fruits for protein that can help you increase the overall energy level to complete the trip without any issues.

4-Adapt with the culture:

India is a country with an array of cultural activities where people from different religion live together. From Punjabis to Sindhis, you can find people from various cultural backgrounds celebrating their religious festivals that are always decked with vibrant colors and sweet aroma of the incense sticks and delicious treats. You can seek help from your local friend or guide to participate in the festivals such as diwali, holi, Id, etc. Make sure you buy yourself a colorful saree or beautiful lehenga choli and look like a princess while adapting to the local culture of the area you are in.

5-Start from the South:

South India is actually less chaotic as compared to the northern area like Delhi or Uttar Pradesh. Make sure you start your trip from the southern states leading towards the north which will allow you to be acquainted with the local atmosphere so that you can travel with caution while enjoying the trip on your own. You might feel lot safer when you start with South leading towards north. However, make sure you keep your health intact during the trip. Know more about tips and tricks to keep your health intact during your trip to India with

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