Why are organizations shifting online to conduct evaluation tests and to hire candidates?

Over time, organizations of all sizes and domains have started to adopt the latest technology in their business to be with the competition and to achieve success. The hiring process is found to be a difficult one and by shifting online, the corporate sector and the institutions have benefitted immensely. Moreover, the age-old traditional method of conducting evaluation tests and interview process is slowly being replaced with the more modern online approach, which according to many is providing wonderful results.

The shift to the online system is very much necessary to reduce the strain and stress that pen and paper evaluation methods come with for both the recruiters and the potential candidates. Online exams are considered to be a one-time solution to solve all hiring problems.

What does the future hold?

According to the industry experts, online exam or computer based test is considered to be the very future. Online exam system is found to be more desirable by the corporate sector for the hiring process as it offers a better package of security, scalability and reachability.

Why do away with the traditional exam method?

The conventional pen and paper exam method comes with great pain, stress, and strain for the exam paper setter. During the eleventh hour, burning midnight oil was quite common. The questions back then had to be typed or handwritten, proofread and checked again for repetition, grammatical mistakes and the like. But the task is not completed here for the recruiters. The next task will be to identify invigilators and space to conduct the exams.

Also, there is great concern for paper leakage and retest. The completion of the exam will mean having to check scores of papers by a manual method that is really time to consume and also prone to errors. It is indeed a herculean task, draining, stressing and straining as well.

The advent of the online exam system

As the name states, computer or online exam makes use of the web to conduct assessments/tests/evaluation. The candidates in this method are examined on an automated platform. It also supports ease of use interface not just for test takers and also benefitting the conductors. Besides this, it provides the employers and the recruiters with the ability to generate instant results, thus saving precious time for everyone and benefiting the business by hiring the best candidates.


The e-assessment users can be divided into three major categories, namely: test takers, test conductors and the supervisors.

  • Test takers are those for the exam to get evaluated.
  • Conductors of the exam are those who prepare the questions, subjects and tests.
  • The supervisors are those who manage the tests, system users, system recovery and back-up.

The truth is the introduction of modern and highly sophisticated technology has digitalized the world and shifting everything to the online system, including education, training and taking exams by prospective employers. The transition towards online system has been made easier with the advent of gadgets like computers, laptops, etc.

Educational institutions and the corporate sector has progressed with time and adapted to LMS (Learning Management System). Here, a software application is said to track, report, document and administer the different materials that are necessary for the candidates. This form of training and evaluation system facilitates balanced approach to spread knowledge and also to grade the candidates effortlessly.

According to researches conducted by the experts, the online education and evaluation system is now worth millions of dollar. It can be safely stated that the online industry has been growing at a steady pace. There are several factors that do play a crucial role in the corporate sector shifting to an online system, like convenience, increased reachability and customization.

The already established traditional evaluation methods are found to be reaching its limits slowly and are sure to become obsolete very soon. The online revolution is quite welcoming and has made the life of the recruiters and employers easy, effortless and to complete their selection process very quickly and accurately.

Taking care of the troubled tasks

With the online system, it becomes possible to do away with those issues which were found in the traditional pen and paper evaluation methods.

  • Exam exertion: Both the exam conductors and potential candidates now can sigh relief. The number of candidates is found to be increased to appear for the interview, each time an ad is published. Screening all of them to get the very best can be a tough and time taking task. It does add to the burden of making losses for the business since the post will be lying vacant until a suitable candidate fills it up. Online systems are very effective, quick and also inexpensive. They can easily do away with the above-mentioned challenges and also provide instant results, irrespective of the number of candidates appearing for the exam.
  • Eliminating errors and setback: The truth is that with an online system, the problems faced with the traditional method can be eliminated. Everything is done automatically by the software which includes submission, checking and giving out scores. The recruiter is also able to compare the results of the different eligible candidates very quickly and come up with a positive conclusion, as to which one will fit the post perfectly.
  • Saving money and time: The candidates do have the benefit to give the exams from the comfort of their homes or from a cybercafé. Since it is an online exam tool, the candidates can give the test and submit it within the timeframe set. This way, there is no scope for cheating and the recruiters can expect honest answers from the examinees. Also, the employer does not have to bother about booking space and computer machines to conduct the evaluation tests. This does help to save on precious time and money and the entire process is found to be user-friendly.

In short, going the online route and conducting computer based online evaluation exam is sure to help the employer to identify the perfect candidates for the job lying vacant in the organization.

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