7 steps to select a reliable online medical consultation

Internet and Google have become the preferred options to obtain the required information. Nowadays, everyone is using these resources to find sign and symptoms of diseases and possible treatments. Finding information on the internet is simple. All you need is to type the terms or question in your mind and hit the search button to scan and explore search results. Within minutes you will find the multiple illnesses with identical symptoms. Despite having similar signs, diseases are different. You can’t use them to self-diagnose and start treatment without doctor consultation.

Healthcare consulting firms are offering online medical consultation services to facilitate the spread of healthcare facilities. This is the safer approach as compared to making self-diagnosis via online resources. Healthcare institutes are providing online emergency consultation for the patients who are unable to visit the clinic immediately. A qualified healthcare professional will study the individual case and diagnose and prescribe medicines to patients. For instance: involvement of authorised doctors in Dubai has made online consultation a reliable option for the patients in UAE.

When it comes to choosing an online medical consultant, random selection is risky; instead, you should learn to search and find a legitimate service. Below I am sharing essential steps you must follow to pick a reliable online medical consultant.


Select a search engine for the region you are living and use proper terms like “telemedicine” and online doctor with the medical condition. Telehealth is an exclusive field, which uses several telemedicine jargons, which users must understand if they want to avail maximum benefits. Don’t forget to ask customer care executive about monthly or annual subscription charges. Also, confirm if they are accepting medical insurance or not.


To ensure whether the doctor you are speaking with is a legitimate doctor or not ask them to show their degrees and certifications via email and check this name in the list of accredited doctors on online resources for checking doctors credentials. In addition to checking credentials go through government laws to see if online practising is legal.



Real patient reviews and word of mouth are the excellent resources to spot out a qualified doctor with a good reputation. Consider checking multiple but reliable sources on the web for reviews. These comments will let you imagine the experience of patients who have already taken treatment or advice from the physician you may have chosen. Do check verified reviews on independent sources and journals. These resources also provide fee and outcome statistics of medical treatment they have offered so far.



Don’t hesitate to ask questions from your online practitioner about diagnosis, prescription and treatment procedure.  telehealth services use chat rooms and online forums to facilitate communication between doctor and patients. Use these platforms to ask questions before and during the treatment.


Make sure you are dealing with an authentic medical professional. Inquire about the treatment and medicines they usually prescribe to patients. Beware about how they are treating patients. Don’t consider if they are using alternative medicine to address acute health issues. Alternative medicine often uses herbal medication whose side effects are usually not known. You can’t risk your health after using unapproved medicines. However, if you are tending to use these medicines, don’t forget to investigate efficiency and risks associated with the particular treatment.


Don’t fool yourself after trusting over non-scientific promotions using jargons like detoxification, reset your body in harmony or balance your chemistry. You are seeking treatment for an acute and immediate problem, so you should pay attention to know how they will treat critical sick patients. You can’t expect speedy recovery from bacterial or viral infections after using herbal therapies.  


Though patient reviews give you an idea about doctor reputation, it will not give you an idea about the therapeutic methods they will be used to treat the disease. Ask your doctor explain the efficiency of treatment or medication they are using to address a particular condition.

Endnote: Though online medical consultation is facilitating patients to access qualified medical experts, you should follow these steps to pick a legitimate professional.  

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