8 Simple Home Remedies To Treat Those Irritating Pimples

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The human body is a total working machine. It is capable of accomplishing even the most impossible of tasks in the most strenuous of environments. Through thick and thin, it will endure anything that you command and help you achieve your goals quicker. But of course, like any mechanical apparatus, it needs maintenance, especially the part that responsible for one’s identity and represents one’s humanity, the face. And the most common problem that this part of the human body experiences are pimples.

Pimples are often brought about by stress, dirt, and clogged pores. Almost everyone gets them, young or old, white or black, tall or short, they just keep coming whenever they want to. And for people who are really concerned about the way they look, its very important to know how to fight back. Others might already be going to a dermatologist at this very moment, and believe me, its gonna cost them a lot money, and one trip will not make it all go away. So before you set an appointment, take time to read these simple remedies to treat those irritating pimples.


#1 Ice Ice Baby!

Ice is a very nice remedy for pimples. It actually stops the swelling, tightens pores, and removes any accumulated dirt from the pores. It is best used after washing the face with warm water to open the pores then some soap for cleansing. After that apply the ice to the affected areas to stop the swelling and close the pores immediately. Any excess dirt and oil will stick to the ice.


#2 Tea Tree Oil Dip

Tea Tree oil is a very good ingredient in treating pimples. Its antibacterial properties will definitely kill most bacteria that are responsible for infecting the skin, thus leading to inflamed and infected pimples. A few cotton ball applications with tea tree oil for 10 to 15 minutes should do the trick, just wash your face after.


#3 If life gives you lemons, use it on pimples

Lemon isn’t just for drinking or making sauces, it can also be used to treat pimples! Just take a few cotton balls and dip them into 1/8 cup lemon juice then apply it to your face. This will help the pimples dry faster and provide the face with vitamin C which is a great supplement to keep the skin healthy. Be sure to use fresh lemon juice from the fruit itself because artificial lemon juice contains preservatives which are not suitable for the skin.


#4 Toothpaste

Sounds crazy? Maybe a little, but believe it or not, toothpaste is actually a remedy for swelling pimples! Just apply it to the affected area before going to sleep and then wash it away in the morning. This technique is best used after application of ice.


#5 Bake with Soda? Baking Soda!

Another home remedy for those nasty pimples is baking soda. It is a wonderful mild exfoliant that peels of the dead layer of skin on your face. Use 1 to 2 teaspoons and apply little water until it becomes pasty. Then apply it on your skin first then wash after 5 minutes. Then you can apply any of the above mentioned remedy after.


#6 Sugar, Honey Honey!

The sweet indulgence that bees produce can also fight off pimples. Honey can reduce swelling and is a very nice antiseptic, hitting two birds with one stone. Just apply a few teaspoons or as needed in your face and leave for a few minutes, then wash it away. You will see the difference in a few days.


#7 Steamy Steam

Steam is actually a very good pore opener. It dilates your skin pores, giving the perfect opening to rinse away those dirt and oils trapped inside. These unwanted critters are indeed a blooming field of bacterial growth that will surely produce mass amounts of nasty little buggers, making your pimple swell and produce pus. This technique is best used before applying ice.


#8 BlehBlehBleh! Garlic!

Lastly, Dracula is not the only one who hates garlic, it appears that pimples are also not found of it because garlic contains antiviral, antioxidant, antiseptic and antifungal properties. Just get two cloves of garlic, cut them in half then apply it on the affected areas, then wait for a few minutes then wash your face. Repeat several times a day and you will say goodbye to those nasty pimples.

You don’t have to spend a lot in skin care, just a few ounces of home ingredients will be enough to produce a pound of prevention. It will always be better than 2 pounds of cure and will definitely cost you less.



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