Dubai As A City of Conventional and Contemporary Architecture & Design

In the past few decades, the growth and development in Dubai have been rampant. The city has literally moved upward from palm-shaped tree to Palm Jumeirah with some of the most luxurious properties and residential areas available in the world. Talk about Golf Estates, Marina District; there is no doubt that Dubai is among the fastest growing cities of the world.

The beautiful city was received a ranking on 5th number by the Brookings Institute Global Metro Monitor Report; because it has been among the most consistently developed cities in the world in the last decade. The industrial development in Dubai has been on a downhill since 2014 due to a significant decrease in prices of oil all over the world. But, the real estate market in the city has survived through the hardest economic times. You can get more information at Luxury Property.

Juxtapose of Modern and Traditional Design

The city of Dubai is filled with examples of mesmerizing architect everywhere; from the most middle-class areas to the luxury neighbourhoods, you will find marvellous and formidable art everywhere. Some of the best starchitects of global ranking were passionate to work in this awe-striking city. Although there is an enormous number of such expert corporations, Opus by Zaha Hadid, Index Tower by Norman Foster, SOMA Architects development are some of the examples. These skyscrapers have long served as the reason global market is ready to visit and invest in the city.

There is a trend of architects building the entire communities instead of mere buildings in Dubai; which creates a whole look to the city. In New York and Dubai, architects are only responsible for completion of a single project; which doesn’t produce residential giants and entire neighbourhood.

The alluring juxtaposes of modern and traditional aspects in a similar project create a mesmerizing look. In terms of substantial buildings, there is no doubt that Dubai is filled with exemplary examples throughout the city. Jason Hayes, who is working as the Head of New Development for Luxhabitat, which is a real estate and design corporation in Dubai says that the city’s distinction exists in the fact that the builders and architects here commit to deliver the most quintessential properties present in the world.

Diversified Variety for Customers

Furthermore, the option to have the epitome of modern design or traditional residence in the same city is very liberating for the consumers. Alexander Von-Sayn Witthgenstein, who is the Luxury Sales Director of Luxhabitat says that an overwhelming majority prefer contemporary residences; with the buildings that offer least adornment, full room windows, clean lines, a touch of light colours. With a focus on minimalism, there is a strong need to use materials of superior quality available to create utmost results.

A recent project The Volante, the development on Dubai Canal with Zebrano wood panelling. The project is a modern luxury development with penthouse ranging around $12,523,312; the floors are covered with Jordanian tile, the apartment consists of mosaic work by a contemporary Italian company, the House of Fantini. The same company has worked for some other major projects in the past including the Fondazione Prada in Milan and the famous mosque in Dubai, known as Zayed Grand Mosque; both of which were the works of pure art.

Ever Evolving and Burgeoning Real Estate Market

Dubai never runs out of residential projects, despite the economic changes and fluctuations in oil prices. A recent development, The Alef consists of a beautiful waving design. The residential property consists of soft surfaces, build-ins, shaped balconies, sliding doors and panelled walls.

The trend is towards the conglomerate of advance and conventional design; to look modern and traditional at the same time. The Fairways at Dubai Hills Estate is the right example of the captivating balance of the two. With the clear lines, the residential block also has softer cues and floors to make the place more comfortable and cosy.

When talking about the allure of skyscrapers in Dubai, who can forget the Burj Khalifa? It’s been years since the building has maintain itself to be the tallest one in the world; standing straight in bright steel, it is one of the main tourist attractions in Dubai. The building is also the correct mixture of modern and tradition design. It is designed using stainless steel which responds to the natural and sunlight; making the skyscraper glint and flicker during the daylight hours.

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