Ectomorphic Body Type And Bodybuilding

The human body is an amazing yet complex structure. Every individual has a different set of characteristics. According to Plato human body is basically of three types. After Plato, a 19th-century philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche also presented the three body types idea in his writing   The Antichrist. But the body categories presented by William Sheldon gain popularity among all. According to Sheldon’s theory, most people have three types of body. These are  

  • Ectomorph: Lean and long muscles. People having this body type have difficulty in gaining weight.
  • Endomorph: Lumpy, big, high body. Having this body shape are mostly obese because of their tendency to store fat.
  • Mesomorph: People having this body shape have a muscular toned body with the ability to gain the right amount of weight these people mostly have a high active metabolism.

Weight training according to your specific body type is really necessary, Knowledge about body types is a key in gaining mass. So according to these body types, Ectomorphs are the lean muscular and get failed to obtain muscle even spending their lifetime in gym and mesomorphs can eat anything and store the right amount of the fat and get the attractive muscular body. While Endomorphs can store the high amount of weight with or without eating a lot.

Falling Between Categories

Every human lie between these categories and one should understand his body type before starting any exercise or joining bodybuilding. Awareness is the key to achieve and tone the body as you want it to be.

According to many scientists, a human might have three body types but they do not exist in their pure form. An endomorph might have some characteristics of ectomorphs and ectomorphs can change their body to mesomorphs. A human body is a mixture of these types.

Regardless of having any type of body and characteristics, anyone can get lean and can put on mass with proper diet, enough sleep, and proper bodybuilding. The trick is to be careful and to exercise wisely that impact positively on one’s body.

The Importance of Sleep

Despite from body type a healthy body needs enough nutrition and sleep, the later is the key to get the right training and proper control of your brain functioning. If an individual’s body lacks proper sleep it not only affects the mood, behaviour and daily functioning of the body but also on the training a person is getting.

Hormones like testosterone are associated with muscle growth they are also important in gaining, storing and aiding fat loss and exercise recovery. These hormones are highly dependent on the amount of sleep your body is getting. The less the sleep, the less amount of these hormones will be produced by the body.

Studies have found that if the level of sleep falls below eight hours in a week, the production of testosterone is affected and lowered by 10%. Bodily production of growth hormones is regulated by the sleep you get of the daily basis. This cycle is also known as “circadian rhythm”.

The importance of night sleep cannot be alternated by the day sleep. It can be negatively affected by the excess of lightning and electronic devices so it is suggested that before going to sleep one should switch off the lights and extra electronic devices because a healthy mind is a hallmark of a healthy, working body. The excess amount of sleep is crucial for ectomorph who already suffers from weight gaining issue.

Ectomorphic Body Type

Ectomorphs have a fast metabolism and they burn and process food and carbohydrates faster than other body types, which is why it is impossible for them to store fat from the food. The downside of this body-type is that they continuously struggle to store the food fat and to get bulk up because of their flash like fast metabolic process.

To get some muscles endomorphs need to ignore cardio exercises and pay more attention to intense workouts, they should do compound exercises to maximize release and production of growth hormone. Whatsteroids provides awareness about the body type, supplements and mass gaining exercises to get the muscles of your dream.

Endomorphs should consume more than 3,000 to 3,500 calories per day that includes starch, the excess amount of carbohydrates, sugar, whey protein and might also need some supplements to tame the fast metabolism.

What exercises Ectomorphs might be doing WRONG

The long slow workout is a big no for ectomorphs, so the skinny people should ditch treadmill at an instance. Mostly ectomorphs prefer isolation moves that have no result on ectomorphs, instead of that ectomorphs should indulge in compound movements, like the squats that involve more muscles and produce and enables the growth muscles in the body that helps in creating big muscles.  They should training not less than 40 minutes their training time after a warm-up should be around 45 minutes.”

What to Eat

A nutritious diet that is high in calories, proteins, fat, and carbs, helps ectomorphs in gaining weight should be consumed by ectomorphs. Ectomorphs should use supplements properly to help in gaining weight. The main tip for ectomorphs to eat like a horse, they should eat a lot including food with high carbs and proteins. Ectomorphs should consume the protein shake before and during the workout session and a heavy and carb-packed meal afterward. 


Deadlift is the money moves for the skinny long-armed people because people with long arm find it easy to do; this training involves the whole body so it also helps in packing some strong muscles. Along with deadlift squats and leg press also works wonders for ectomorphs.

The Ectomorph’s Cheat Sheet


  • Get enough protein, sleep
  • Isolation moves should be used as finishers
  • Mostly train with compound moves


  • Do not focus on isolation moves so much
  • Less indulging cardio
  • Work harder with the weights to get the toned body

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