Explore the Rules to Follow on Instagram for New Fashion Brands to Make Their Imprint

We are aware that fashion is certainly a big industry on Instagram and statistics reveal that fashion brands get approximately 102 comments for every post and 16,616 likes per post. Moreover, one-third of the Instagrammers have bought apparel they came across the social networking site. That is quite a lot. In fact, we are talking about a whopping 265 million people. With more people getting hooked on to this popular platform, Instagram is rapidly getting the reputation of being the best bet for fashion designers and fashion brands.

You must, however, appreciate that both Instagram marketing opportunities and the competition in the arena of fashion retailing are constantly growing. So, the question arises how could a new or a small fashion brand grow and sustain itself in this competitive world? Here are few effective tips for the new and the smaller brands to coexist with dignity and success along with the top fashion brands on Instagram.

Perfect Photos

Do not forget that you are on Instagram, the amazing realm of incredibly beautiful images. Even if you are a new or a smaller fashion brand, your focus must be on sharing high-quality content and high-resolution pictures of your designs and creations. Remember nobody would be interested in engaging with hazy low-quality pictures. Your photos must tell a story for gaining maximum engagement.

Use relevant relatable pictures that visually fit perfectly with your brand’s theme. Your pictures could be separate units but your Instagram feed must appear as one organic outfit. This implies that all the pictures of your designs and creations must flaunt a signature look and all pictures must be edited using the same tools for maintaining uniformity. You could use fantastic tools like VSCO, The Color Story, Snapseed etc. for mobile photography while you could rely on Photoshop and Lightroom while editing pictures on your Laptop.

Do a Thorough Research for Your Hashtags

Hashtags have been around only for the past 11 years yet they are regarded as the ultimate invention and are utilized by billions of Instagrammers across the globe. The best trick is to utilize the long-tail hashtags for promoting your fashion brand. For instance, suppose you are a new luxury fashion brand. You would soon realize that #luxuryfashion is having more than 1 million pictures tagged on Instagram. However, #luxuryfashionlove, for example, is having only 34,737 tags, that should be enough for grabbing attention and at the same time, not too many for getting lost in the huge crowd. You need to type in the precise hashtag for which you are looking for alternatives. You would find numerous new suggestions. Choose whatever you like for your fashion brand. In this context, you must contact a renowned digital marketing company to buy real Instagram likes.

Conclusion: Promote Your Instagram Every Time & Everywhere

You are the new fashion brand on this popular platform. Therefore, you would be requiring some extra attention or a little push right from the beginning for generating some awareness and visibility. Follow the fundamental rules to stand tall among the rest and build a niche of your own.

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