Factors that Influence the Growth in Demand for Data Centers

When is the last time you had a chance to research about how rapid the data centre demand is growing across the globe? Just give it a shot, and you’ll come across the fact that Asia is leading in demand & speed to market. Giants of this astonishingly growing industry have illustrated that the tremendous growth in data centers occurring today – and what is it meant for colocation providers. Over 10% increase has been recorded in the number of Web users from Jan 2016 to Jan 2017, but that Asia was much higher – 31% at the same period.

To affirm it further, experts have mentioned some great influencers in the tier 3 data centre market growth. So let’s dive in;

Internet Growth

In 1905, Omer Wilson, Senior Director of Marketing for APAC at Digital Realty, stated that 80% of the agriculture production in the United States Moved to feeding horses. He also showed a photo of a busy street to explain his point that it was full of pedestrians & horses transporting goods. Then he showed the next picture, which was almost the time 10-years after that, and horses were replaced by vehicles.

This proved a clear impact of technology and advancements on the agriculture industry. So if you happen to lose almost 80% of your market within a decade, it has to be the huge effect. Today, we are witnessing another change in transport. Now we have driverless automobiles, as well as unmanned cargo ships. The critical thing about where we’re and where we are going is just the sheer rate, said Wilson.

Geographical Dominance in Mobile Device Usage

Admit this! We are going crazy with the mobile devices. In fact, the speed at which we’re heading towards this is just astounding. According to the state, over 1 billion people will be using cell phones by the end of 2020 as compared with 2015. Further stats mentioned that over 10 nations would account for 70% of this growth, of which Asia happens to be the prominent one.

India & China will be on top in contributing over 55% of global subscriber growth. And be ready for the approximate numbers! Over 100-150 million new subscribers will come online every year.

Nowadays, it’s imperative to be connected.In Asian Countries, as an individual progresses from lower to the middle class before even they think of buying an air conditioner or perhaps a refrigerator, they’ll hop on to have a new cell phone of the latest model.

Since there’re so many phones, it means there would be more data traversing wireless networks and finally landing at a data center. That is why there is going to be this massive cloud infrastructure as well as data transmitted in the future.

Solving the Power Problem

Energy consumption is a problem that any data center owner has been concerned with. However, as companies start building data centers in areas that do not have enough electricity to begin with, it is time to start getting creative. The question arises here is that is it possible for data centers to start generating energy and how would that work?

If any of those individuals are purchasing mobile devices, we might require some kind of data center comparatively close to where they’re as latency is the cruelest enemy of good performance. In reality, many will be micro data centers, but if this means constructing them in every single village, the very first concern would be how to power them. Perhaps that’s the reason why people encourage the self-sufficient data center as well as micro grids. There needs to be thought around storage & notably electrical battery technology.

Prepare For theRevolutionary Future

These notable societal changes, as well as infrastructure-based issues affecting the data centre industry, are problems that experts are struggling to cope with. Also, it’s an excellent opportunity for colocation providers to comprehend as well as come up with alternatives & revolutionary ways to meet the ongoing needs of customers. The purpose is, revolutions bring a dramatic change. And it’s our responsibility to be prepared for these.

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