How to choose a reliable construction company in London? 5 factors to consider

There are, of course, no one hundred percent reliable companies. Nevertheless, every future house owner in London with a project and the initial stages of planning and organizing the entire investment can minimize the risk of potential disappointment or subsequent misunderstandings with the contractors. You should analyze your needs and carefully check the competencies of your chosen London construction company.

Implementation of investments in the economic system

The huge construction services market in London meant that until recently many people chose to build their houses in the economic system, entrusting the construction stages to subsequent specialized teams, and taking a big part of the work on themselves. Often the burden of buying and organizing building materials also rested on the investor.

Building your house in the economic system – advantages

This form of implementation has its advantages – it allows for a detailed control of what is happening at the construction site and for an insight into all subsequent stages of the investment. It also allows you to save a lot of money – the amount that stays in the wallet depends on your commitment and organizational talents. Not without significance is the amount of work done on your own – here the profit is undisputed, provided you have confidence in your own skills and are satisfied with the results of your own work.

Disadvantages of the economic system

The disadvantage of this system is the lack of a comprehensive guarantee that the work is performed properly (too many different teams working on one project), which may result in possible defects that will require additional work and money to repair. The level of the investor’s involvement in construction may also be a problem. Unfortunately, you should be available throughout the entire process and prepared for frequent interventions at uncomfortable times. If it is necessary to reconcile construction with other duties, the problem becomes significant.

For this reason, more and more often investors decide to implement the investment through a specialized company or a trusted construction team.

Implementation of the investment through a specialized construction company in London

The amount of available construction services in London is enormous, and the options offered by individual contractors allow you to adapt the entire construction process to your own needs. A construction company may hand over a “raw” house or a finished house that is ready for you to live in – that depends on what it is that you are looking for. In any case, it is extremely important to choose an experienced and reliable London construction company.

Here are some tips on how to avoid some mistakes.

construction company


Some companies offer comprehensive services. It is necessary to clarify what specific services fall under the scope of such an offer and how many additional specialists will be needed. Companies that during the conversation or meeting with the client avoid details about the offered construction services, speaking only for example “we do everything as desired” or “you will definitely be satisfied” should be treated with caution. If you want your house finished and ready, make sure the company you’re interested in has an interior designer on the team. There are many construction companies in London that can offer you full-on construction and interior design services but you must be up-front about your expectations. If, for example, you want a contemporary interior, you should make sure that the contractors you hire can offer you the services of contemporary interior designers.


Each investor should check the experience of a given construction company. Companies operating throughout the country or in a larger area often enjoy greater trust among investors. It is easy to check what and when was built by a given contractor and at the same time you gain more confidence that the company will not risk losing its reputation. It is best, of course, to personally see some of the projects carried out by the London construction company of your choosing. Companies or teams that are satisfied with their work and a certain quality of services, sometimes even invite you to see one or two construction sites they are currently working on and allow you to talk with former clients. If the company does not want to show any of its projects or multiplies problems and makes it difficult to contact with previous investors – be careful.


We often make our choices on the basis of references, and there’s a good reason for that. Nobody can assess the work of professionals like the investors themselves. Regardless of whether they are pedantic people or willing to turn a blind eye to minor shortcomings – certainly no homeowner will accept skimpiness, deception or significant changes in deadlines. The opinions of people who spent a few months with a given construction company, assessing the progress of work – are invaluable. You can also check numerous websites and forums on the internet dedicated to sharing opinions on companies from many different industries.


For a reliable London construction company, the warranty should be a given, so should be signing a detailed contract and issuing an invoice for the service provided. However, you should always clarify these matters, making sure what the issue of possible corrections and repairs will look like. The companies that have been on the market for a long time have an advantage here – investors have much more confidence in them.


One of the most important factors in the selection of a construction company in London. Construction is a big undertaking and very often a large expense. The price offered by the contractor can tell the investor a lot about the reliability of a given company. If it is significantly higher or lower from the market average in a given construction year – it should raise a red flag for an investor. In this case, “a lot, good and cheapest” is not likely to work. The safest price to choose is the market average. In the case of construction, even though the price is an important criterion, it should not be the most important one. The construction process usually takes years, so the quality of workmanship is crucial.

Red flags when choosing a construction company:

·         The company is vague about the services it provides

·         The lack of experience

·         There are no references that you can check out

·         The company provides no warranty

·         The price is much lower from the market average




Finally, after analyzing all the pros and cons, one should consider whether a given company or the person with whom the investor will have the most frequent contact, simply inspires confidence. Premonitions are not and should not be a decisive criterion, however, many months of future cooperation with a given London construction company should mean that the investor can trust a given company to be responsible and solid.

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