Technology Designed For Better Sleep

Although there are many mysteries in the science of sleep, research is clear on one point: Sleeping is vitally important! We need that downtime so that both our bodies and minds have a chance to recuperate after the stresses of each challenging day.

Suffering through sleep deprivation, either briefly or over extended periods, can cause health issues like high blood pressure, immune system weakness, weight problems, and more.

The rapid pace and multitasking inherent in modern life can make it harder than it should be to get the recommended eight hours of sleep we need every night.

The quality of the sleep we do get often suffers, too. This very human problem has many different solutions, and technology can do a lot to help us.

Here’s an overview of helpful sleep-tech that ranges from apps to standalone devices. If you’re interested in a better night’s sleep, this tech might prove invaluable.


Proactive Sleep

Proactive Sleep is a diverse app that includes a number of different sleep-promoting functions. Basic tools include an alarm clock with ambient music and snooze settings, but the app’s true value comes from its more in-depth abilities.

It has a “sleep diary” to help you track the total amount of sleep you get, any issues you have, caffeine intake, exercise, and other factors. The app averages the data and turns it into useful time-based analytics.

Look at your sleep performance on weekly, monthly, or all-time reports!

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

For the user who wants to dive into maximum depth, Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock delivers amazing diagnostic tools. The app makes full use of your smartphone’s sensors to monitor you for movement and plan your awakening for the perfect part of your sleep cycle.

Wake up feeling fully rested and full of energy!


Nyx Somnus Sleep Shirt

This nightshirt comes with embedded sensors to track the wearer’s breathing habits while sleeping.

All of the information is collected on a chip in the shirt’s pocket, and the result is an accurate record of the wearer’s progress through every phase of sleep, including light sleep, deep sleep, and REM sleep (when our dreams happen). Team this sleep aid up with a new mattress from Sit and Sleep and watch as you count the Zzzzzzs.


This wireless fitness device is mainly used for tracking physical activity, but it’s also fully capable of measuring the quality of your sleep, too.

Jawbone Up

This is another general health monitor equipped with GPS. It’s motion-powered, and it collects useful data about sleep along with dietary and physical activity information.

The UP also has social features, enabling any UP user to “challenge” friends and relatives to improve their quality of life.



This alarm clock is designed to detect sleep states and wake sleepers only during the most beneficial parts of the sleep cycle.

Zeo includes a headband for monitoring the sleeper and a base unit that sounds an alarm during his or her last light sleep cycle before the selected waking time.

BAM Labs Smart Bed Monitoring Device

BAM Labs’ Touch-Free Life Care (TLC) System is designed to enhance any existing bed and make it intelligent. It uses an under-mattress sensor and a HIPAA-compliant cloud monitoring system to collect and analyze data.

Registered with the FDA, the TLC System is designed to deliver accurate patient monitoring data to caregivers and healthcare professionals in a convenient full-time way.

Nothing needs to be attached to the sleeper, and caregivers can access their information wirelessly whenever they need it.


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