Things You’re Doing That Will Ruin Your Smile

Smile is a powerful weapon you can use to charm people around. It makes you look friendly and approachable. Your confidence is always high, and you emit positive energy all through. With so much going in favour, wouldn’t it be surprising to ruin your asset by your habits?    

There are some of things you do that can have affect your smile directly or indirectly. You should first know those things and then take effort to avoid them. Else, your smile might lose its sparks and you will be left with no charm.    

Here are some of things you might be doing that can ruin your smile –


Tea and coffee

If you care for smile, stop drinking tea and coffee. Both of your favourite beverages have side-effects and can stain your teeth considerably. They are not a healthy option as well and waking up to them every morning is a sure-shot way to ruin your smile. People with excess drinking are obviously more at risk for diluting the dazzle of their smile. So, cut back on tea and coffee and continue to flash a high-voltage smile.     


Smoking and tobacco chewing

Forget about having a great smile if you smoke or chew tobacco. The chemicals in tobacco can stain your teeth irreparably, yellow them and leave them weakened over time. Don’t forget, the stinking breath of smokers is liked by nobody. Worse still, using tobacco in any form is fraught with oral cancer risks which can jeopardize your life greatly. So, stop smoking today itself and keep your smile glowing forever.


Drinking soda and soft drinks        

Your smile will be a casualty if you drink soda or fizzy drinks. These beverages are high on sugar and there are also acidic in nature. Consuming them in excess can weaken your tooth structure over time. Plus, soda and cola can leave a yellowish or greyish tinge on your teeth. Try sipping them through a straw to limit their contact with your teeth. This will help to some extent. If possible, quit the habit altogether and maintain a great smile.   



Alcohol is bad for your smile. It’s acidic in nature and can weaken your teeth enamel slowly yet steadily over time. When you drink alcohol, it can leave you with dry mouth which increases the risk of bacterial growth. Consuming liquor means your mouth will remain dehydrated and plus, the colouring agent will ruin its aesthetic feel. So, limit your alcohol intake to keep the beauty of your smile intact.  


Sugary items

Sugar is among the worst enemies for your teeth and gums. Eating too much of sugary items is a recipe for dental disaster. Such foods help bacterial growth, can lead to weakening of the teeth and cause staining as well. Take for example, children gorging on candies, chocolates, cakes and sweets are more prone to tooth decay. So, start eating healthy to keep the beauty of your smile preserved forever. Don’t indulge in too much sugar-rich items else they can ruin your smile greatly.


Teeth grinding

Teeth grinding is a bad habit when it comes your dental health. It can weaken your tooth over time and also impact your dental functionality. If this habit does not go away, you may also face biting concerns in future. More importantly, grinding your teeth constantly can ruin your smile as well. It’s thus recommended to consult the dentist and get treated this problem to have a perfect smile.


Wrong usages of teeth

Your teeth are not meant to open bottles. Either do they exist to cut strings or unpack things. Crunching in hard ice is also bad and can leave you with cracked or fractured teeth. If you’re not careful with the way you use your teeth, this can ruin your teeth for sure. Plus, it can pose risk to your overall dental health as well.


Bad oral care   

Not brushing properly, not flossing with a right technique, not rinsing the mouth after meals, using too much force while brushing – all of these can harm your teeth and ruin the real charm of your smile. Not being careful with your toothbrush and not using a right toothpaste can also ruin smile. So, consult the dentist and know teeth scaling cost to be on the safe side of your dental health.


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