What does People Around the World Love Eating?

Food is something which tends to be an integral part of every culture!

Isn’t it?

However, the taste buds of people around the world radically vary. It’s because of such a reason; we can find a wide variety of foods all over the world. Being a foodie, I am always on the verge of finding out what is special where?

So, I thought of coming up with a rundown of the best delicacies from all over the world. If you are a yet another gourmand, you are definitely going to love this piece of writing.

Read on!

  • Meat Pie in Australia

Australians actually are a big fan of pies. Whether it is a takeaway or they munch on one while relaxing in a café, their meat pies are famous! The Australian meat pies being topped with warm or cold delicious tomato sauce tastes heavenly. You must try one on your visit to Australia if you’ve not done so.

  • Apfelstrudel in Austria

Oh! It’s a yet another mouthwatering cousin of American apple pie. It is very famous in Austria. What will you get in this? Well, it is a palatable combination of tart apple and sweet pastry dough.

The extraordinary taste of Apfelstrudel will definitely make you a fan of its even on your first bite. You can try one with your afternoon coffee and it will be obviously an awesome experience for you.

  • Har Gow in Hong Kong

Har Gow is nothing but one of the best prawn dumplings that you can ever have. You will find loads of mashed and spiced prawns being wrapped in a very thin skin. Though it tastes awesome, it is quite difficult for the chefs to come up with the perfect texture of it. You must try Har Gow on your visit to Hong Kong!

  • Squeaky Cheese in Finland

I can be assured of the fact that Finnish squeaky cheese will be something unattainable for you outside Finland.

You can say the extremely smooth texture of this cheese along with its perfect texture is one kind of an identity of Finland.

You can eat this mild cheese in a pan-fried form which is being served with yummy cloudberry jam.

So, isn’t it something worth going to Finland for?

  • Ramen in Japan

Japan and China have been always known for its noodles. When it comes to specifically Japan, ramen noodles is definitely one of the best must-try!

Japanese ramen is nothing but the delicious Chinese noodle which is being served with amazingly smelling meat broth and soy sauce.

If you love eating noodles, you should certainly don’t end up without trying it! The toppings which ramen noodles get actually varies from place to place in Japan. It can be anything starting from a boiled egg to corn.

  • Falafel in Middle-East

Are you planning to experience the classy beauty of south-east Asia soon? Don’t forget to taste falafel when you land up into any of such countries.

It is an iconic dish which belongs to the Middle East.  Falafel is a wonderful combination of ground chickpeas and unique spices which are together fried in the form of small balls.

It is served in that beautiful part of the world with sauce, tahini, salads etc. You should obviously treat your taste-buds with tasty falafels whenever you go to Middle-East.

  • Tandoori Chicken in India

Tandoori Chicken dates back to the early Mughal period of Indian culture. The dish actually belongs to the Punjab region of India but now it is one of the most popular ones there.

This spicy chicken will definitely let you drool even by just checking out a plateful of it. While the chicken being marinated with yoghurt and a special tandoori spice and thereafter being baked in a special clay oven, it tastes incredible!

  • Pho in Vietnam

Vietnamese people actually love a wide variety of foods. They have quite a lot of flourishing food styles. Pho is one of the best dishes that they have in Vietnam. It is typically a soup with its main ingredient as broth. With noodles and raw meat, you can taste a bowl of Pho anytime you want. In Vietnam, people even love to eat Pho for breakfast!

So, these are the most amazing dishes from around the world. Also, there are many other countries like Switzerland, Spain, South Korea etc. which have their best foods known as chocolates, paella, bulgogi etc.

The list could be really long! It is certainly not possible to jot down each and every one.  Hence, I highlighted only my favourite ones.

If you want to know more, explore, explore, and explore!

And, of course, keep pampering your taste-buds always!


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