8 proven methods to stop aging skin problems

Aging is an inevitable problem and no matter what you do it will catch up to you. No one likes the impact that the aging has on a person and would try any method just so that he or she could look younger. In the past, people used different remedies to get the desired results all these remedies were effective to some extent. The results of these remedies took lots of time to be fully visible and were not as effective as the technique offered by the modern cosmetic procedures. With the advancement of medical procedures, many skin rejuvenation techniques have been discovered and the effects of these techniques are effective as well as swift.

Anti-Aging Techniques

There are many anti-aging treatments and one technique is usually not enough to stop all the aging problems and more than one technique is required to get complete results because every technique has different effects and should be used for different areas. Below are the different technique used for aging.

1. Muscle Relaxers

Different muscle relaxers such as Botulinum toxin also known as Botox is used to paralyze the part of a muscle when injected with it. This injection prevents the creasing in the upper skin that causes wrinkles. The procedure works on expression lines such as frown or surprise lines located on the forehead. The injection make these lines smooth thus preventing them from becoming more dominant.

2. Chemical Peel

Chemical peel is a very effective technique for aging it not only effects the lines but also clears the face making it more firm and clearer than before. The technique uses special chemicals such as lactic acid, trichloracetic acid or glycolic acid to peel off the skin to make way for the new skin to be formed. Acids used in this technique creates a controlled wound which initiates the production of collagen.

There are three different type of peels and each peel has a different effect on the skin of a person. The strength of these peels varies and depend upon the acids used. Stronger peels use stronger acids compared to weaker peels. The Three different peels are light, moderate and deep.

Light Peel

The acid used in the light peel is the weakest among all the peels. The peels only affect the outer layer of the skin and do not penetrate deeper into the skin. This peel has no downtime and the age of this peel is also lowest. It lasts for less time compared to moderate or deep peel. This peel needs to be repeated from time to time so that its effects could stay for longer. The pain caused by this peel is also a lot lesser

Moderate Peel

This peel uses stronger acids when compared to light peel. This peel penetrates the outer layer of skin and travels deeper into the medium layer of the skin. This peel has downtime and the lasting time of this procedure is longer compared to the light peel it improves the skin lines of the affected area. Going through this procedure can be discomfortable.

Deep Peel

This peel is the strongest among all of the peels and uses the strongest acids to clear the skin. It penetrates both upper and middle layer of skin and reaches the deeper layer of skin. The downtime of this peel is more than both the light and moderate peels. The lasting time of this peels is the longest and it greatly improves the overall feature of the skin by eliminating small line. The procedure is invasive and the patient is put under anesthesia.

3. Microdermabrasion

It is a procedure in which skin is showered with crystals through a hand-held instrument. These crystals penetrate into the skin and then these sand particles are pulled out of the skin using a vacuum device. This not only pulls out the crystals but the dead skin cells as well and collagen production is initiated which helps in forming the new skin. It greatly helps in the reduction of skin lines and wrinkles and can greatly improve the appearance of skin.

5. Dermal Fillers

In this procedure, the injection of dermal fillers is injected into the skin which helps in filling the deep folds of skin making the skin smoother. It can fill smile lines and hallow line of cheeks and eyes. Unlike other techniques, this procedure doesn’t tighten or smoothen the skin but rather change the whole structure of the skin. Collagen or hyaluronic acid is used as fillers and usually lasts for six months to one year however if it is used in the area of less movement then it can last for a longer time.

Radiesse is another type of filler being used it lasts for twelve to eighteen months which is longer than a normal filler. However, there is a chance that using the filler might lead to the formation of lumps under the skin which needs to be removed surgically.

Fat of body can also be used as fillers. In this procedure, fat is harvested from the body and then it is processed and is injected into the desired area of the face. This helps in filing the lines and making the skin younger it usually lasts for five to ten years but the procedure is expensive.

6. Face Lift

It is a surgical procedure used to improve the overall appearance of a person’s face. The procedure greatly reduces the sagging as well as folds of cheeks, jawline and other changes cause due to aging skin.

This procedure elevates and tightens the skin as well as muscles and tissues. The incision is made in the face and that incision usually depends upon the needs and wants of the patient. There are three different type of incision used in the procedure.

  1. The traditional incision which starts from the temples of hairlines and continues until it reaches the front of the ear and ends in the lower scalp at the back of the ear.
  2. The second type of incision is called a Neck Lift incision. This incision starts from the front of the earlobe and continues around the ear until it reaches the lower scalp.
  3. The third type of incision is shorter and starts in the hairline just above the year and wraps around the ear of a person and does not extend to the lower scalp.

In this procedure, an incision is made and fat on face and neck is sculpted or redistributed or removed. The skin of the face is then is then altered to the newly positioned contours of the face. Excess skin is removed and the wound is closed.

7. Laser

There are many techniques that use heat for skin tightening and this heat creates a controlled wound in the epidermal and dermal layer of skin and laser is one such procedure. When the laser is focused on an area of the body it increases the collagen production in that part of the body. The increased collagen plums the skin and makes it thick which reduces the appearance of lines on the skin.

Laser Skin Care Treatments can be used to improve moderate wrinkles and skin lines. It can also be used to tighten the skin and reduce the overall visibility of deep lines, texture and skin tone.

There are two types of lasers

Ablative Laser: It destroys the tissues so that it could be replaced with new fresh tissue.

Non-Ablative Laser: This laser uses heat to stimulate collagen production in the affected area while leaving the surrounded area unharmed.

Both of these Lasers are further divided into two categories.

Fractional Laser: It penetrates the skin following a pattern leaving the surrounding tissue unaffected.

Continuous Laser: This laser treats the entire area and the pattern is wider.

9. Heat Based Treatments

There are various procedures that use heat to tighten and smooth the skin.

Radio Frequency

The technique is very effective and uses radio waves to heat the skin and increase the collagen production in that area. The increase in collagen production makes the skin tighter and firm. Usually, only one session is needed and could last for a couple of years.


This procedure uses infrared to heat the skin and two or three sessions are enough to get the desired results.


It works on the same principle as Radio Frequency however instead of radio waves it uses ultrasound to heat the skin. One session is usually enough to get the desired results but in some cases more might be required.

All of these procedures can give the best results and the recipient of this procedures will get a younger skin which is more firm and clear.

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