5 Bucket List Travel Destinations for Party Animals

Pack you beer bongs, bikinis, and all your best pick-up lines, because we’re about to head to the best travel destinations for party animals in THE WORLD.


There are a lot of different types of travelers out there. Some like to slather themselves with sunscreen and pass out face down on the beach for a week straight. Others like to bury their electronics in a hole, crawl into a yurt, and juice cleanses themselves to enlightenment.


And then there are the party animals. Those who grab life by the horns. Those who are buying shots when everyone else is passing out. Those who go skinny dipping with strangers. And those who don’t need to wake up to see a sunrise.


The following destinations were built and blessed by the party GODS. Try to keep your mouth from hanging open as you experience explosive clubs, sexy boat parties, pyrotechnic cocktails, the wildest pub crawls and so much more.


5 Must-visit Travel Destinations for Party Animals


This list has been curated by pro party animals who make a living traveling the world (damn them!).  Let’s dive in, drink up and hit the road!


Bangkok, Thailand


This city is so revered by partiers around the globe that it often seems like a mythical land.“Do the streets really flow with beer? And do the towers bump with beats and neon light all night long?”These aren’t myths, my friend. This party Mecca is very real. 


The city streets of Bangkok are abuzz 24/7 with zooming moto-taxis, street food vendors whipping up fresh pad Thai and old ladies selling coconuts and ice cold beers. By day, head to the beaches of Pattaya. This coastal paradise is home to pristine beaches on one side and countless bars on the other. The party inevitably spills out onto the sand, as do games of strip volleyball and plenty of live music.



By night, the party hubs of  Khao San, Soi Cowboy and Nana are only a few of the places where things get nuts. High-rise clubs, rooftop bars, and late-night restaurants are everywhere…as are massage parlors. Make sure if a Thai beauty takes you by the arm, you know what you’re getting into! 



Ibiza, Spain


Known by Spaniards as “The Party Island” and by party-loving nomads as “heaven,” Ibiza is an island dedicated to bringing your deepest darkest party fantasies to life.


The resorts on Ibiza overlook lush green hills and baby-blue seascapes. Almost all rooms come with balconies that make for perfect pre-gaming spots (and for perfect “post-gaming” spots with a special someone). You won’t have to look far for a club or a bar either. Most resorts have their own epic bar and club scenes, and if you want something different, just hop down the road or take a shuttle.


Ibiza is well-known for hosting the biggest DJs in the world. From Avicii to Guetta to Diplo, they’ve all brought this island to its knees. Can you imagine club hopping from one world-famous DJ set to the next? You don’t need to anymore.


Puerto Vallarta, Mexico


When it comes to partying, Puerto Vallarta (or PV, for short) has it all. White-sand beaches? Check. Delicious Mexican seafood feasts? Check. World-class clubs? Check. Overflowing Latin spice? Check, check and check again.


There’s only one place in the world where you can be cresting the waves on an all-inclusive yacht party by day and dancing salsa with sexy local by night and still have time to pop a bottle at a club and enjoy late night tacos and beers on a cobblestone curb.  And did we mention that doing all of this would cost about as much as a few cocktails at an upscale club anywhere else in the world?


Puerto Vallarta was MADE for partiers, but it’s still dominated by locals. This gives it its real Latin flavor, which is something that other party towns have lost. To get the true local experience (and avoid the costly tourist traps that have popped up recently), contact the local party connoisseurs at PV Nightlife. They always know where the party’s at, and they’ll even drive you there.


Istanbul, Turkey


Have you ever partied on two continents in one night? You can in Istanbul, a city of looming bridges, exotic flavors, and never-ending parties.


The locals here love to party with a view, which means a bunch of the bars and clubs are located on the banks of the city’s famous straights. This is absolutely amazing because you get some of the best views in the world from right the dance floor without paying crazy prices. The famous Suada Club even has a fully lit swimming pool floating on the sea! For those who like music, Istanbul is where eastern sounds meet the west in an explosion of visionary sounds that fuse rock, hip-hop, dance and so much more.



When those tipsy cravings hit, Istanbul’s vendors come to the rescue with street food that’s greasy, spicy and rich with eastern flavor. We’re talking lamb burgers, mussels, raw meatballs and tons of flaky baklava. And for those who aren’t as adventurous, there’s plenty of kebabs!


Seoul, South Korea


(DISCLAIMER: If you go to Seoul, DO NOT try to out-drink a local. They are absolute beasts!)


Seoul is the capital of South Korea, and it may also be the capital of drinking worldwide. Locals are known to sip on the traditional liquor, Soju, throughout the day as if it were a crisp can of Coke. At night, things get even crazier. The clubs in this city rival those in places like Ibiza and Vegas, and many believe they are even better. The locals work hard by day, but at night they let loose like you wouldn’t believe. Everything here is open until dawn or later, and there’s never a dull moment. Any night of the week in Seoul has all the makings of the best night of your life.


Check out the districts of Hongdae and Gangnam (yep, you can actually live your life “Gangnam style”) for bars, clubs, chic restaurants and lots of sexy foot traffic. If a local catches your eye and you end up at the bar (seriously, view the disclaimer above!), make sure to stock a few jars of kimchi in your fridge for the morning. This spicy, fermented Korean cabbage does wonders for hangovers!


Fill Your Glasses. Spread your Wings. See the World.


Are you living for the weekend only to spend it at the same old bars with the same tired crew? Something more is waiting. The neon-splashed nights of Bangkok, the floating pools of Istanbul and the Latin lovers of Puerto Vallarta are calling. All it takes is the spirit of adventure and the click of a button, and you’ll be on your way to one of the world’s hottest travel destinations for party animals.


Hunter S. Thompson, author, and party god, once said, “Buy the ticket, take the ride…”


Are you ready?


Author Bio:


Sam is a passionate travel writer. He has 5 years of experience in blogging and writing. He started his career with ‘PV Night Life’ as a Content Writer. He used to travel to cover various festivals like the Tomorrowland, The Burning Man, Sunburn & has written a number of travelogues from the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, France & Spain. He holds a passion toward writing about the best places to be for all the party animals out there, providing information about the Festivals & places to be, to have the time of their life.

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