Getting the Best Value for Money for Your Home: Here are Some Tips!

If you’re looking for to relocate to Dubai and stay in a rented property, it is of utmost importance to get a good place to live with lowest possible money to pay! Sounds like a dream, not really? In Dubai, everything is possible if you are willing to do enough research and keep yourself thoroughly updated about the market. Here are a few things that you must know before renting a property in Dubai to get the best deals as a tenant! Read on.

Follow these tips to learn your rights as tenant, negotiate for the best deals and understand the ways to handle your landlord. To find amazing deals, click here to view listing.

Conduct Your Research Beforehand

Make sure you have done with enough homework. Be prepared and know everything before you decide to step in the market. The sales and leasing manager at Engel & Volkers, Mario Volpi says that it is important to be completely prepared & know the real estate market in Dubai before even your first meeting with the landlord or broker. There is a vast pool of information available on online websites. You can get all the tips, steps of the entire process and some key laws to proceed.

Make Sure You Have References

The managing partner of Prime Places Real Estate, Helen Tatham says that it is very important to maintain a friendly relationship between the tenant and landlord; as there is a huge factor of trust involved. The landlord needs to view you in an enough positive light to allow you to use his property for an year of longer duration. If you can support your application with positive references from friends and family working in reputed organizations, then it will largely help in securing a decent deal.

The Longer the Duration, the Better the Deal!

Most tenants usually go for a lease of one year. The contract is short and as soon as it ends, the landlord needs to find a new client. If you might need to stay for a longer duration than one year, it will be very favourable in getting a better deal for your rental property. In the inconsistent market of real estate in Dubai, tenants prefer contracts that are of longer duration to ensure sustainability for a greater duration of time.

Single Payment Goes a Long Way!

If you can afford then definitely go for a one cheque direct payment. It will not only help you ease the pressure of paying every month, but it will also help in bargaining for a better deal with your landlord. It can also help you in attracting agents more easily as everyone looks for a tenant who can pay in one shot!

Get an Agent if You’re New

According to the CEO of Allsopp & Allsopp, Lewis Allsopp it is advised to directly with an agent, which helps tremendously in finding the right landlords and negotiate the deals to get the best prices for your specific considerations.

Make Sure to Decide in Time

The right time to look for and close the deal is also suggested y Allsopp who says that the most recommended time to secure a rented space is between two to five weeks. Usually, if there is more time than this, the landlord might lose interest in the deals thinking that you have a lot of time to ponder over those options. Less than two weeks suggests that you are in a rush and can decide under haste.

Get Good References from Your Network

When you have decided to get tenancy, you should use your contacts and network to get the best deals. According to the CEO of Masterkey Properties, Mr Alexandar Varghese, it is always advisable to ask around people in your circle for any relevant deals. There might be vacant apartments in communities where your friends and family lives.

Select the Ideal Community for You

When choosing to rent a living space, you should also study the neighbourhood you are looking for. There are certain areas which are higher in demand, and thus the rental price can also go up. If you’re looking for a cost-effective deal, you should go for a community which is not overly populated, and the prices are not that high.

Choose Wisely and Be Flexible

When choosing a place to live, it is always recommended to be adaptable and stay easy with the choices. If you can opt for a lower floor, it will be easier to find an inexpensive deal as compared to higher stories with better views. If you are short on money, you need to make a few compromises and still make it in the most luxurious neighbourhoods in Dubai.

By following these tips, you can surely get a comfortable place for residence in Dubai, that too at your affordable price. Be sure to make the most of these ideas and don’t forget to check out the upcoming Dubai projects.


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