Top Instagram Hack Tools to Get Instagram Followers

In today’s world Instagram is one of, if not THE most powerful method to brand yourself or your business in the best manner possible. With Instagram being a powerful tool for building brands, conducting affiliate marketing, and interacting with the whole world, it can help you towards the successes you want as well.


However, a profile with 200 followers can bring nothing of importance. This matter of the fact is that the success is defined by the numbers so you’ll have to make your following count a priority. That is the prime reason we are bringing you this list of the top Instagram hacks and tools you can use to get Instagram followers:


  1. Promote your branded hashtag

Creating a unique hashtag for tour business it’s a great step in the right direction in regards to branding, however make sure to share that same hashtag on your profile, share the hashtag on every other social media platform, take the whole thing offline and hand the hashtag out through many channels such as on your merchandise and receipts.

In case you somehow can get access to even broader reach such as through TV or through all other ads and campaigns you are conducting on your website, emails etc. Branding takes some effort and time.

  1.  Be unique with your hashtags

In regards to Instagram captions, you have to be open to the idea that one word and simple hashtags are just too crowded and easily forgettable. Of course you will use those as well, however make sure to mix it up and take advantage of unique hashtags to show something different to your followers. Make sure to be gutsy, funny and catchy so you could offer your followers something they couldn’t forget even if they wanted to. Take your time, figure the hashtag out and go with it.

  1.  Take part in vastly popular conversations

In each post mix up your hashtags with some that are relevant at the moment and in regards to the topic you’re presenting, but make sure that you put some hashtags that are trending at the moment if it is applicable in any way.

The particularly specific hashtags are ally crucial because they show more input and give you a hand in finding the corresponding people for your brand, however the overall trending hashtags or even simple, general and old ones can do the trick for some. So basically implement a catch-all strategy when it comes to your hashtags.

  1. Make your bio URL the best you can

Don’t be one of those brands that put only the link to their website in their bio. It is not only boring, but it makes your brand less interesting and thus less unique. In order to grab the attention of the traffic on your Instagram you work really hard for, make sure that your bio is something incredibly rememberable.

  1.  Be creative with your captions as well

The pictures that you are posting should be speaking for themselves, however that doesn’t mean that you should skip the creativity in the caption all together. Make sure that your captions inspire a conversation in the comments, that the story you are telling is not something overly discussed because that is your best chance to draw engagement and sharing. There are countless examples of those kinds of brands that care for the story they tell verbally and that are massively successful for that. Find your brand’s exceptional voice and tell it as descriptively as you can.

  1. Go all out with influencer marketing

Go to the profiles of each and every person you’ve labeled as an influencer in the particular niche of your brand and turn on post notifications for them so you’ll know every time they post something new. With that you can build a nice collaboration after being able to interact constantly with them.

7.  Work on the style of your feed 

Make sure that your feed tells a story not only with words and content, but with the colors, vibe and correspondence of your pictures. Be aware that having the same filters, the same photoshop techniques and recognizable angles are crucial for personal and otherwise branding. Nobody remembers an incoherent feed.

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Marquis is a writer, social media manager and SEO content marketer.  She currently lives on the coast of Ecuador, working remotely as a freelancer. Her primary focus is on building online visibility of new, up and coming brand, particularly brands that promote health and wellness. She lives a nomadic lifestyle, though is originally from California.


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