Car maintenance And Speed Limiter

 Previously, I have introduced some knowledge about car maintenance for you. Today, I’d like to show you about car tires, which have a great impact on the performance of the car. A good tire and speed limiter can improve the comfort of the car and enhance the user experience of the driver.

  It’s a good season for driving. Before taking action, you must do a good job in tire testing and maintenance and the speed limiter maintenance. To ensure the safety and comfort of driving, you should carry out regular inspection or self-inspection during the season change maintenance, items include: check whether the tire has bulging, cracks, incisions, puncture and abnormal wear, the above phenomenon must stop using. Ask professionals to check and replace them. Check the tread groove depth regularly to make sure the tread groove depth is greater than 1.6 mm. Otherwise, new tires should be replaced in time, because excessive wear and tear of the tire will cause performance degradation, wet slippery road surface and many other dangers. Check whether there is irregular wear on the tire surface. Due to the different installation positions of the driving and steering wheels, and the different forces, the tire will suffer uneven wear. The running-in period of a car is like the warm-up exercise of an athlete before a race. The purpose is to adjust and enhance the ability of various parts of the body to adapt to the environment. The running-in quality of automobiles will have an important impact on the life, safety and economy of automobiles, which cannot be underestimated. The following problems should be paid attention to in the inspection and maintenance and the improvement of the quality of the running in. Vehicle mileage of running-in period of 2000 kilometers should not be less than 2000 kilometers, which is the basic mileage to ensure full contact, friction, adaptation and finalization of the machine parts.

Speed Limiter

  Do not run too fast to strictly enforce the driving injury rules, one is to avoid the throttle all open, the other is to maintain the engine’s normal operating temperature. Do not practice the car skill at this time, run fast. Vehicle speed should be controlled within the stipulations, new cars and carburettors after overhaul are equipped with speed limiters, do not to remove it at will. The new car is not suitable for Laughton, the bearing rate should be less than 90%, and choose a flat road. Slow start, slow stop.

The speed limiter is connected to the safety rod on the two sides of the car by a wire rope. In order to ensure the speed and accuracy of the speed limiter, a speed limiter is installed in the bottom hole of the well.

  When the car is running, the wire rope transforms the vertical movement of the elevator into the rotational motion of the speed limiter. When the rotating speed of the speed limiter exceeds the limit value, the speed limiter first makes the over-speed switch to cut off the power supply of the elevator control loop, so that the electromagnetic brake loses power and brakes. If the brake fails, then if the elevator goes down, the speed limiter will jam the wire rope, force the safety clamp to move, and force the elevator to stop on the guide rail.

  In order to prevent the tractor from continuing to rotate, a safety clamp switch is specially set. When the safety clamp moves, the switch moves and cuts off the control circuit. Here you can get more information about car maintenance and speed limiter.

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