Is Vaping A Better Alternative to Smoking?

Although you know the fact that smoking is injurious to health you cannot leave it! You understand the threats, but it has become really difficult to leave smoking. Then what should you do? Why not try vaping? Is this word new to you or you have heard it somewhere else before?

You must have heard of e-cigarettes, and when you use e-cigarettes, it is also known as Vaping. The word vaping has been derived from vapor. E-cigarettes are devices that can heat the liquid within which releases aerosol or vapor. The user can inhale this vapor released by the battery-operated devices. The liquid contains different substances like nicotine, propylene glycol, flavorings, and other substances. The manufacturers of e-cigarettes claim that they provide a better alternative to smoking and also helps in leaving smoking.

Is there any risk associated?

Whether its ND systems or any other e-cigarette, it is true that they released less toxic substances than the cigarette smoke. Still, it cannot be said that they are safe. E-cig users are exposed to nicotine as the e-cigs contains nicotine, and it is not only an addictive chemical but also dangerous too. Apart from that the non-users who are around the smokers may also get affected if they exhale these harmful chemicals. Moreover, if the liquid is eaten by any chance, it can be a very toxin.

The risk of using e-cigs may be less than smoking cigarettes directly, but still, they are not safe. If someone wants to ensure that they want to quit smoking at the long run, it can be helpful as the amount of nicotine in the vapor can be reduced gradually which in the long run will help in quitting smoking.

Will it be safe then?

The next question that arises is about the safety in using vapor. Especially when it is found that it still has nicotine that is quite harmful to health. The answer to this question will only be best answered by someone who is using it. Yes, it will mainly depend upon the user. How are they using it? What is the amount of nicotine that they are consuming?

Like, if someone is using e-cigs for quitting smoking, but still the amount of nicotine in the vapor is not reduced over the period, then there are very fewer chances that they are going to get an advantage. As they are consuming nicotine this way or that way! But if they want to quit smoking with vapor system, then they should practice on reducing the amount of nicotine in the vapor that they consume every day. It is also available in different flavors and thus using it they can easily ensure that gradually they will get out of the addiction of using cigarettes, be that original one or e-cigs. Click on this link to come across electronic cigarettes at affordable prices

Pros and cons of using e-cigs

Naturally, when someone is using a product, it is expected that there will be some benefits. Again, anything that has benefit comes with certain points that need to be considered as well. Thus, let’s have a look at the pros as well as other related variables of using an e-cig.

First, we will know about the benefits associated.

  • It’s true that e-cigs contains nicotine, but they do not contain the toxic chemical or tobacco that is there in the cigarette smoke. They are the most harmful ingredients that cause cancer and other lungs disease. Thus, it is a better alternative for smokers.
  • ND vapor devices are available in different strength of nicotine. If you search, you will find that there are e-cigs that do not have nicotine at all! They may not be an alternative for those who want to quit smoking but as the level of nicotine can be altered they serve as a great tool for those who are trying to quit smoking.
  • E-cigs seems to improve the lives of many Americans who are suffering from COPD. Nicotine is simply harmful to such patients, but they cannot leave nicotine. Thus, again e-cigs serves as a better alternative even not the best.
  • E-cigs do not release any smoke they release only vapor. There are no odors well as ashes. One can use an e-cig at places where traditional cigarette smoking is not allowed, like at bars, shopping malls or office buildings.

Let’s also consider some important e-cig factors that cannot be overlooked.

  • E-cigarettes are not in the market for long. Thus, there are no such studies that are carried on for long. Thus, being fairly new to the market users may face some ill effect of using the e-cigs that are yet unknown. The effect may not only be bad for their lungs but for their health too!
  • E-cigs have nicotine, and they can be consumed at any place. This is dangerous as teens may be consuming them at the place where they are not allowed to smoke. Mainly children and teens do not understand how much they should consume and be addictive, and they start consuming nicotine more and more.
  • Experts believe that by using e-cigs, the users will increase the use of smoking or rather vaping. In the long run, this may turn out to be a big bad habit. Thus, it is best to avoid that.
  • As they are electrically charged children may get hurt while they are charging.

To end the note

Keeping everything in mind it is clear that when someone wants to quit smoking vaping can be a better alternative, however, the whole thing will depend upon the users. The manufacturers will always give their statutory warning, but when they are consumed by the teenagers, it might become dangerous. The best way to use a vaping machine is by getting comfortable to it for once. After getting comfortable with it, the user should drop the level of nicotine, gradually. As they keep on dropping the level of nicotine over a duration of time, they will find that one day they can say goodbye to the addition of nicotine.


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