Online Personal Training and Fitness Instructor Courses

Online programs have helped many students get the degrees and diplomas that they need to start their career. Just like all other courses, fitness personal training courses are also offered through the help of the internet by various colleges and universities which is why we can say that most of the training courses online are designed for students that want to start their life in the field of fitness instruction.

There are various online courses that are offered online. You can get certificates, diplomas, and full-time bachelor’s degree as well. Certificates and diplomas take a few months to complete whereas on the other hand the associated degree and the bachelor’s degree take 2 years and 4 years respectively.

There is a wide range of online courses related to the health and fitness that you as an instructor can choose from so let us look at the best courses that are offered by most of the schools online. The major courses that an instructor can get his or her hands on are;

Introduction to Anatomy, Kinesiology, and Physiology:

In order to plan the perfect fitness workout san instructor must understand human anatomy. This course teaches the instructors about the various structure of the human body along with their functions. It helps you understand the effect of exercise on bones, muscles, joints and the system in our body.

Designing Exercise:

This course is all about designing the perfect workout session for different individuals based on their needs. As an instructor, it is your duty to know that not all exercise work for everyone thus you need to come up with different plans for different individuals of different age and gender. This course helps you design workouts based on the gender, age and other physical conditions of the individual.

Nutrition Analysis:

In order to maintain a healthy lifestyle an individual needs to consume the proper nutrients. In this course personal trainers are taught about the nutritional impact on the health and lifestyle of an individuals and how they can come up with some amazing nutritional meal plans for their clients along with the physical workouts.

Physiological and Social Elements of Aging:

As a fitness instructor, it is important for you to understand how ageing impacts the health and the fitness of an individual. This course will help you understand the Physiological and Social Elements of ageing and how you can maintain them in order to stay fit according to your age.

Weight Management:

This course will teach the instructors about the reasons behind obesity and why it is bad for health. it will also teach them certain methodologies that can be used to lose the extra weight and maintain their body shape by taking control of the eating habits and working out on a daily basis.

Exercise Prescription Design:

There are thousands of individuals out there that have certain kinds of disabilities that limit their ability to exercise. This course will help the instructors plan a customized workout routine for those individuals depending on their age, type of disability and fitness level.  

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